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Stats Snapshot

6 mos. Mar. 1, 2011 - Aug. 31, 2012*:

  • 9.8 million web page views
  • 72.3 million web ad impressions
  • 8+ million video views

* Note, does not include a holiday season

Ultimate RC Network at a glance

  • UltimateRC.com
    • Community forum that's truly friendly & welcomes all experience levels
      • 35,000+ members
      • 130,000+ topics
      • 1.3 million+ posts
    • Photo gallery with 17,000+ images
    • YouTube channel with 28,000+ subscribers, 830+ videos covering:
      • Honest, unbiased product tests & reviews
      • How-to guides & other instructional material
      • High-definition coverage of major races
      • Editorials & humor
  • Ultimate Tamiya
    • Vintage and new Tamiya RC kit builds with archive photos of manuals, box art, original parts, and box-stock setups, aiming to eventually cover every major Tamiya chassis released since 1977
  • Ultimate Traxxas
    • Online since 2001, home of the race-winning Ultimate Rustler, genre-defying Chimera-A basher, original \Backslash conversion, and other unique projects
  • RC Mania
    • The place for unbiased toy-grade RC reviews for parents and kids alike, covering 150+ cars, trucks, planes, helis, boats, tanks, & others.
    • YouTube channel with 7,000+ subscribers, 9 million+ views

What sets URC apart

URC is aligned with the average RC car & truck enthusiast (and the occasional airplane, heli, or boat guy). The backyard & construction site basher. The casual racer. The 13- to 70-year-old kid who sees this hobby as a hobby, and wants to have fun maximum within it.

The URC Forums accommodate owners of all scales and styles of RCs without exception and encourage positive attitudes and open-mindedness. Elitism, overzealous brand favoritism and other common little evils of the online world find no home here.

URC product reviews are honest, balanced, and conducted without bias. Whether I buy a product at full retail or receive it at no charge from a manufacturer or vendor, I treat each evaluation exactly the same, examining both objective and subjective factors and reporting on the good and the bad alike. RC'ers appreciate candor and are more likely to trust a review that admits a product's downsides than one that comes across as a long paid advertisement.

The Ultimate RC Network offers opportunities for marketing your site or promoting your products & services to a wide and varied audience of radio control hobby enthusiasts across the country and around the world.

Top ad formats

  • 729x90 Leaderboard
    • Homepage, forum, photo gallery, content pages
  • 160x600 Wide Skyscraper
    • Forum pages

Google AdWords

On nearly every page of any URC Network site, you will find one to three targeted Google AdWords placements. As of August 2012 we were serving 170,000+ AdWords ads per day, including targeted text ads, traditional banner images, and enhanced Flash creatives. The industry-leading Google Display Network is a self-service system that supports both CPC (pay per click) and CPM (pay per ad impression) campaigns and allows you to begin with a budgets as low as $1/day. With Google AdWords you can track ad performance nearly real-time and instantly and infinitely experiment with different ad variations without any delay. You are in control.

Sign Up for Google AdWords and create your first ad campaign today by using Placement Targeting and entering the URL(s) of the URC Network sites you wish to target. Highly recognized brands such as A-Main Hobbies, Chrysler, and NASCAR advertise on URC via Google AdWords.

Custom campaigns

Due to a one-person staff, URC relies almost exclusively upon the Google AdWords system for ad placements and unfortunately cannot manage smaller direct advertising relationships. If your organization has an interest in a large & long-term, low-maintenance promotional or marketing endeavor, open a dialogue via the contact page to discuss the possibilities.