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Tips & Tricks: Air Hogs Aero Ace

Presented here for your general amusement are a handful of quick, cheap, & easy things you can do to make your Air Hogs Aero Ace fly better under various circumstances.

Landing Gear

Landing gear add a new level of fun and versatility to the Aero Ace. On a moderately smooth surface, it's possible to do a very clean landing, but better still, you can actually take off! It only takes about 10-15 feet to get in the air, though it can be a fight to get it to take off in the exact direction you want! As an added bonus, if properly placed, the gear will move your center of gravity forward, reducing porpoising and letting you fly faster and more level.

040911-zipzapmt006 - 1024x768 (73510 bytes)
Cheap wheels
040911-zipzapmt006 - 1024x768 (73510 bytes)
Side profile
040911-zipzapmt006 - 1024x768 (73510 bytes)
040911-zipzapmt006 - 1024x768 (73510 bytes)
Sittin' pretty!

The struts and tail skids are just regular music wire, and clear tape is all you need for attachment. Be sure to make your gear long enough to angle the plane back -- this will reduce takeoff time.

040911-zipzapmt006 - 1024x768 (73510 bytes)
One way to do a tail skid
040911-zipzapmt006 - 1024x768 (73510 bytes)
...and another

Battery Relocation

Reduce porpoising and increase stability by moving your center of gravity forward and down. This requires removing the top wing and separating the fuselage down the cener. It takes patience, so do not rush, or you'll mess up your lovely plane. The foam parts are held together by a sticky adhesive gum that does not dry, so you can pull the sections apart and put them right back together so long as you don't let a lot of dust or fabric fuzz get all over the gum.

040911-zipzapmt006 - 1024x768 (73510 bytes)
040911-zipzapmt006 - 1024x768 (73510 bytes)

Clip Job

Here's yet another mod that will reduce porpoising! Remove your basically useless vertical struts and use scissors to slice your lower wings off just inside of the old strut mounts. All this really does is reduce lift, but the effect in flight is very positive. I've tried trimming less and trimming more (all the way down to removing the lower wings entirely), and this is the best setup I found for all-around flying with a stock Aero Ace.

Clipped lower wings
040911-zipzapmt006 - 1024x768 (73510 bytes)
Looks funny, works great

Insert Coin...

One of my favorite flying spots sometimes has a steady gentle breeze with mild gusts in the 2-5mph range. The 20-gram foam Aero Ace may not be the best craft to een try flying in these conditions, but after an hour of experimentation with different wing clipping/removing/relocating strategies and moving weight around, I found that a great setup is to simply insert a penny until the lower fuselage, just in front of the IC housing. I left it sticking out as much as possible so that the CG is moved down significantly. This mod helps fight against deflection from wind gusts and gives the nose a chance stay level against the wind. Meanwhile, leaving the wings intact gives you enough lift to run downwind effectively. Vertical struts were removed to give the wind less to push & pull on.

A mod that costs precisely one cent