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URC decals

Show your pride for the most friendly RC community around with URC decals for your cars, trucks, and aircraft! These sticker sheets measure 9" x 3.5" and are printed with a transparent (completely clear) base that makes trimming simple & easy. The full URC logos are double-printed for extra opacity and designed to work against any color or design, while a pair each of white and black "UltimateRC.com" prints give you options for thin areas like sedan wings and windshield visors.

URC decal clear backing


Oh no! The full batch of 1,000 (one thousand) URC decal sheets was distributed around the world in 2011!

Tremendous gratitude to all of you who won free decals early on and purchased more throughout the year, from Mexico to the United Arab Emirates, and from Romania to the Philippines!

More URC decals will eventually be made available. However, there is no ETA.

URC Decal size