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2.07.11, 5:35 pm
I started painting my Slash and I have a very small amount of overspray on it. What is the best way to remove the overspray? Its away from the painted area and on the clear lexan but I want to remove it before I apply the next color. Is DOT4 brake fluid the best and easiest way to remove it? Thanks

2.07.11, 5:49 pm
Personally, id get some thinner on a rag (damp, NOT wet) and try to rub it off. Ive never heard of using brake fluid and i wouldnt use it because its very toxic (but then again, so is thinner). Whatever you end up using, make sure its not runny!

Also: Just to be more clear, you paint the INSIDE of your shell, not the outside. With that said, is the overspray on the outside of the shell? Or inside? If you got overspray on a color your wanting to keep, DONT try to get it off or you may wipe the other paint off too.

2.07.11, 6:13 pm
brake fluid does remove paint, i have used it on a plastic model, but as the person above said it is toxic, and it will soften the plastic pretty significantly. have you tried nail polish remover?

also, i dont know how it will react with lexan, i have only used it on plastic

2.07.11, 6:24 pm
It is on the inside of the body. There was a small section that wasn't fully taped closed and the overspray found its way inside the body on an area I didn't paint yet.

2.07.11, 6:43 pm
If you got the dot4 go ahead and use it. It will not harm your body in any way, you do need to soak it awhile though. If you have nail polish remover try that, it may be faster. If all else fails.... stickers!

2.07.11, 9:37 pm
I've used dot four with great results. No reaction with the lexan, and the paint comes right off. I use a Q-tip to swab it on.

2.08.11, 1:17 am
OK, I will try both nail polish and DOT 4. I will report back with my results and a picture of my finished body :cool:. Will the nail polish soften the lexan?

2.08.11, 7:23 am
I bought some nail polish remover with acetone, is acetone safe for lexan bodies?
Walmart didnt have DOT4, I called pepboys and they only have DOT3 and DOT5.

2.08.11, 8:20 am
Polish remover should work. Jjust dampen a cloth and gently rub the area. Or you could tape off the part u DONT want removed and then use a cloth to ensure you dont remove the stuff u want. As long as the polish isnt runny, it shouldnt have time to eat your shell. Goodluck and let us know what worked for you

2.08.11, 8:30 am
I will use a Q-tip to apply it, I will also tape off the area that is painted to play it safe. I'm gonna do it now.

2.08.11, 8:47 am
no, acetone will damage the body! do not use it!

dot 4 is the way to go, that or manually scrape it off with a razor, ive done the latter for touch up work between coats if i mess up or the tape line has a leak and the paint runs

2.08.11, 9:22 am
To late, I did it with acetone nail polish and it came off with a little but of scrubbing, I used very little at a time. The body seems fine, I only let it sit on there for 2 mins or so at a time before I cleaned it off each time. All the overspray is remove. Next time I will try brake fluid if I ever make the same mistake again. I will post a picture of my paint job after a few more coats of blue.

2.08.11, 11:41 am
Noooooo!!!!! Don't use anything with acetone!!!!! It will break down the lexan!!! Some of these people obviously don't know what they are talking about. Jang has a video on the effects of things that break down lexan.

2.08.11, 11:53 am
yes, and ive done it on 2 separate occasions with bad results.

if it came out good, your very lucky

2.08.11, 12:01 pm
Ive used acetone (very small amounts) on lexan with no detrimental results at all. If you apply it with a q-tip or cotton swab and remove it quickly its not gonna eat a hole through it. If you dont soak it you will be just fine.

Ive done it before and Ill do it again (if need be)

2.08.11, 12:10 pm
gasp* :p

2.08.11, 1:08 pm
The paint job is finished and I am very happy with the way it came out for my first paint job. Here are a few pictures. The overspray was on the passanger side top rear fender, it isn't noticable at all :toocool: . I didn't add any stickers yet but I will tonight. I think I'm gonna go light on the stickers and it will only have a few.





EDIT: BTW, The lines may look a little choppy but they're perfectly straight and clean. Its my crummy camera phone.

2.08.11, 1:25 pm
Looks great, nice job!

2.08.11, 1:38 pm
Thanks Brando, I also added a bunch of free hobbycrap.com sitckers inside the body in the high rub areas like the wheel wells, nerf bars and body posts to protect the paint :ninja:

2.08.11, 1:42 pm
Very nice Sniper. My favorite color blue even :D Glad it all worked out!

"Some of these people obviously don't know what they are talking about" <- Thats kind of offensive ebasher. With that said, if you knew what YOU were talking about, youd know that acetone isnt going to eat through lexan if its on a rag because its NEEDS time to breakdown the plastic. If you soak the shell, then of course its going to eat it. Nail polish remover will work fine everytime if you use it properly and very sparingly.