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4.12.11, 1:09 pm

Just got them today for my E-Maxx. I don't think it will affect the strength of the parts. It does look ugly though. Is it because Integy has not much experience in Hard Anodizing or is it a defect on this one set? I will be getting the other set of front bulkheads tomorrow, I wonder if they look the same.

4.12.11, 1:48 pm
Ugh, looks like the coating cracked some how-it shouldn't affect the strength though. Weird they would ship them like that unless it happened somewhere in between shipping. I would def. contact them and show them these pictures and see what they say.

4.12.11, 2:05 pm
ive heard that integy sucks. im not sure, my rear hub carriers on my slash hold nicely, but many other people have said otherwise...

4.12.11, 3:26 pm
Hard anodized... haha, hardly anodized they should state.

4.12.11, 3:30 pm

I just got my front set of bulkheads today & they are not as bad. You have to look at an angle to see the cracks, but this rear set is really bad. As you can see I have alot of Integy parts & I have never been - not satisfied with the way they looked. I also paid a premium for the Forged Bulkheads @ $100 for both sets, and they dont even look good. I just hope they are stronger than other sets out there, because I care about that more than how they look.

4.12.11, 3:54 pm
What I can't understand, is how in the world did this part make it through quality control? At some point on the line, someone had to think "this doesn't look right." Even the retailer who sold you the part should have questioned the piece before putting it up on a shelf.

4.12.11, 3:57 pm
It's not a bug it's a feature, look at that nice marble coating.

What bothers me is silver anodizing naturally silver aluminum ? what is the point ?

4.12.11, 4:42 pm
It's not a bug it's a feature, look at that nice marble coating.

What bothers me is silver anodizing naturally silver aluminum ? what is the point ?

Prevent oxodation.

4.12.11, 4:47 pm
of aluminum ?

Ok folks, do not drive your slash in nuclear wastes otherwise AL is pretty slow to rust.

FLM does not anodize for example, and I never heard of flm products getting rusty (not to confused with IN Rusty haha)

4.12.11, 4:52 pm
While both rust and oxidation are the same rust is the result of a ferrous metal oxidizing, aluminum will just get hazy if not coated or polished and kept up.

4.12.11, 4:57 pm
yeah I did not want to get in all the fuzz about electrons wanting to have a blast or whatever but it is a slow process compared to bare rust.

4.12.11, 5:01 pm
Ya agreed either way I have not seen anodizing do that and still will not buy from integy.

4.12.11, 5:47 pm
you wana bet, took the anodizing of my rc10gt and it started degrading almost immediately. was in the middle of polishing one half while the other oxidized :lol: it shows too in the piss poor job i did with the buffing wheel

i love the look of those bulks with the marble flaking, i could just sit there for hours staring at it

4.12.11, 5:56 pm
I'll get the pics of the front bulkheads up, they are not as bad as these. One side is almost perfect with no cracks. I did some reading on Hard Anodizing cracks and there are certain situations that would cause it to crack, but it is a defect. I clean my parts using an ultrasonic cleaner & I am afraid that the Hard-Ano. will flake off.

4.12.11, 7:40 pm
Seems odd since those parts look to be good, just suffering from a skin condition. Have you attempted to contact Integy yet? It's not fair to judge the product until you give them a chance to correct the problem.

Of all the Integy parts I've seen, even the ones that failed, they all looked fantastic. Hard to believe this ugly thing is anything but a fluke.

4.12.11, 10:00 pm
I have submitted the link & pics to Integy. I hope that their response will explain what happened to have caused this & if they want to provide me a better looking set. I have waited for these on back order since Feb, but I am sure I will be satisfied with how strong they are. I do alot of jumping and I need the strongest Bulkheads.

If Integy does not post to this forum I will paste what Integy emails me.

4.12.11, 10:32 pm
I haven't seen manufacturers of any kind post here. So email it is

4.21.11, 8:49 am
I have a response from Integy today. I have installed them already & they are great. I ran them under hot tap water & the dozens of random cracks turned into hundreds of thousands of tiny cracks. It looks better with a uniform pattern. I did scratch tests with a sharp needle & a tungsten engraving pen to see if the surface was extremely hard as Integy claims & it is alot harder to scratch the surface than regular blue anodized aluminum. You have to press really hard to try & scratch the hard anodized surface & with just the slightest pressure with the needle you can scratch the blue anodizing off. So I am satisfied that they will last longer than most bulkheads out there, since the first thing to wear out on other aluminum bulkheads is the suspension pin holes. The suspension pin holes will not wear out anytime soon because of how scratch resistant hard anodizing is. I hope Integy makes some Hard Anodized A-Arms in the future because my E-Maxx Brushless is in it's crawler phase & the lower arms are getting scratched up over the rocks.

Date: 2011-04-12 16:16:22
Integy Part Number: T4081

Just got my IFA bulkheads from TowerHobbies today. I am not complaining, just letting you know that the issue exists.
You can view the topic/pics which I posted online at: http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123010

Any info would be of help to others. You can send an e-mail to me & I will post it on the forum for you if you have not registered with the site.


Date: 2011-04-21 06:20:54
Name: Arthur

This is a normal occurrence since our coating this time is very thick and the outer surface is extremely hard.


I talk to our production people, they know it's not pretty to look at ... so they might reduce the hard anodizing thickness in future production.

Team Integy

4.21.11, 8:58 am
hmm i dont know what to make of that response. but if it aint broke...

4.21.11, 9:08 am
Nice quality control : no one saw the glitch

Nice customer service : it is not a bug it is a feature, you're welcome.

And when reading the links they send, cracks can be avoided be fine tuning their anodizing process and the cracks are bad as they ruin the purpose of anodizing.

So in short, it happends, it's our fault, it is bad for the product and we get away with a smile and a "thanks for sharing" the next buyer might not have the problem.

\o/ Yay integy \o/