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7.08.11, 5:39 am
I'm looking for new motor in my Slash 2wd. Now I have Ezrun 60A + 8,5t motor combo. Is it possible to keep ESC (which I like) and put more powerfull motor - wheelies on demand on street, while being cool, or slightly warm when I want to race with friends (and don't want to check temps every 5 minutes)?
SO :
1. There is new engine from Ezrun - 3500kv 10t http://cgi.ebay.com/Hobbywing-EZRun-10T-3500Kv-1-10-2WD-Truck-3655-motor-RC-/180592563885?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a0c27d6ad
A bit like vxl :P I've emailed to hobbywing, and they say that this engine can max draw on 3s 89Amps (!!!) but they say if I won't use crazy gearing 60A esc should be fine (I don't get it, by logic 89A should smoke my 60A esc). According to hobbywing motor is perfect match with Slash.
2. Leopard Motor - maaaaany options, but I thought about one from Jang's review 8,5t - http://cgi.ebay.com/Brushless-Motor-RC-Car-Truck-Buggy-8-5T-650W-Power-/170523806408?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item27b402cac8
or this one :
or this one :
I thought about 3s to get more power, and not-too-high kv motor. Maybe 4 pole motor would be fine, but can I be sure that Leopard motor described as 4 pole IS 4 pole motor ?
Any ideas ? Any comments appreciated :)

User Unrelated
7.08.11, 5:45 am
Try this one! Much cheaper! Add $3 more to your cart and you get free shipping too.
Jang even has a review on the bottom of the page :)

7.08.11, 6:29 am
What about the Castle SC 3800kv 4 pole motor or combo even better. Excellent motor.

I've asked around here about the Ezrun 3655 3500kv SC motor, with no replys :(

7.08.11, 9:25 am
Tacon motor is nice but shipping from hobbypartz to Poland costs next 20$, so nah, thanks. Jang said that Leopars are better quality and performance.
Castle 3800kv motor has peak of above 100A so for sure it will fry my ESC. Combo SCT is nice, but I don't want to spent over 50-60$ inc shipping.
Ezrun 3500kv motor sounds best to me but I don't want to be tester of this motor :P Also it is quite probable that for she same money I could get better motor, form company like Leopard

7.08.11, 6:21 pm
I've been told that the Ezrun 3655 3500kv motor is similar to the Traxxas VXL in performance.

7.08.11, 8:03 pm
It very much is. The kv is the same and when tested it pulls the same amount of amps. Its uncutable version of the VXL.

7.11.11, 4:15 am
Sorry for not writing back for long time.
I've decided to try Leopard 10,5t 2930kv motor and power it with 3s 5000mah hardcase zippy.
Thanks for feedback :)

Ninja Tam
8.07.11, 4:11 pm
Hello, Im looking at that Leopard 2930kv for a 3s with ezrun 60 amp now, how did it go with yours? How is the esc with that motor? performance?

8.08.11, 2:05 am
It works like a charm :)
Motor and battery arrived from China 2 weeks ago and I had many rainy days here, so I've driven it just few times.
SO motor is very nice quality, and works very nice. With 2s it is cooler than 8,5t Ezrun I had at the same gearing, power is delivered waaay smoother. I think on track I would prefer 2s, as it is more predictible and suited for SC truck.
With 3s my Slash is insane ;) I'm still messing with gearing and timing, with 12-56 speeds are way too high for Slash 2wd, SC wheels doesn't give enough traction (I have trenchers). With this gearing motor is 32-36 Celsius, so still in safe range. With crappy monster wheels and 9-56 gearing I can drive through anything and motor stays cool. I have ordered 2.8 Badlands to be able to use 3s power. I'll trim black body, for more Desert / Mad Max style :)
All the time ESC was slightly warm, but never hot, so motor doesn't exceed its capabilities. 20c battery was always cool. I've red that Leopard motor can brake when overheat, so I check temps and never drive long with crazy gearing. I think with proper gearing my Slash is capable to 70-100kmh speeds easily :)
All in all, I think It this Leopard motor with 3s is nice and cheap and safe way to step into 3s range :) This motor is capable to handle 4s, imagine that ... :D
This weekend if it won't rain I'll go to track, so I'll post here some footage how nice this setup handles (and how bad driver I am ;)

Ninja Tam
8.08.11, 2:11 am
Sounds good, would love to see some footage of this motor, was it the 2 pole or 4 pole motor you got?

8.08.11, 2:38 am
It is exactly this motor : http://cgi.ebay.pl/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250836227286&ssPageName=ADME:B:EOIBSA:PL:1123
It is 2 pole. This one is 4 pole, but more expensive and exceeds 60a of my ESC :

Ninja Tam
8.08.11, 2:49 am
cool thanks, I think I am gona try that 4 pole with the ezrun 70a sc esc from that same ebay supplier, will post about how it goes when i get it.

8.08.11, 6:43 am
Cool, be prepared to have waaaaay more power than you can handle, I don't know to what model you want to put it in, but I hope you have loads of space and loads of spears ;) ;) ;)

Ninja Tam
8.08.11, 7:11 am
Its going in a losi strike, I know probably the weakest sct, but have already replaced a couple parts with stronger bits, and will keep doing so as parts break. Having too much power is what its all about!! :)

9.01.11, 5:26 am
Sorry that it took so long, my local track is all the time closed, but heres some offroad footage, like bg music ? :P


I LOVE Badlands, soooo much grip on grass etc, wheelies all the time. I had to take finger off throttle to be able to turn :P
Body is painted matt black (army or batmobile style) with structural paint (I don't know exact name in english, something like paint with micro powder inside, for plastic car bumpers).

Hope You like it :)

7.27.12, 8:37 pm
dont get the leopard motor glue sucks