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8.29.11, 12:12 pm
WHich is more durable for use in my Blitz? XL5 with Titan 12t or SC15 with Firebolt 15t?

8.29.11, 12:19 pm
Durable? Neither if we can assume they were both assembled by equally good materials and processes.

Performance will be a bit different between both however.

8.29.11, 1:11 pm
this is a very subjective question... the Titan 12T has been tried and tested at my local track and has been the motor of choice among the majority of racers locally, yet I still see a Titan 12T motor go up in smoke at least once a month out of a field of maybe 20 or so different drivers. The biggest contributing factor to the failure in the Titan motor has been the steel sleeve that covers the motor, most folks remove the sleeve so it doesn't accidentally slide over the fan hole and cause the motor to over heat.

One would assume that by definition, any 12T brushed motor will be more powerful than any 15T brushed motor, but I haven't seen any noticeable difference at my track. My son is running the HPI 15T in his Losi XXX-SCT, and he's blowing away some other drivers who are running 12T's in their equally geared Losi's suggesting that the 15T is every bit as competitive.

I don't know if any other racers have properly broken in their motors or not, I did break in my sons motor and his Losi goes almost as fast as my Kyosho Ultima SC powered by only a 20T motor!

My Kyosho motor has seen about 7 months of heavy racing and proven itself to me. The stock Losi motor is utter crap, I've gone through 3 of them and will never touch stock Losi electronics ever again. My sons 15T HPI motor is only 1 month old and has lasted longer than any Losi motor I've seen so far, ha! Only time will tell if the HPI motor will hold to the same rigors at the rest, but as far as instant performance, I feel it is right on par with the Titan.

8.29.11, 2:19 pm
i have had very good luck with titans as of late. when you break them in and clean them regularly they are fine

8.29.11, 2:20 pm
Ahh I see. Better stick to the 15t.

8.29.11, 3:55 pm
the titan 12t is very hit or miss in almost every case. i havent heard, on the other hand, anything bad about hpi motors in general.

8.29.11, 4:38 pm
this is a very subjective question... .

Exactly why i left Personal Preference,Price,Performance etc... out of the picture.
+1 Bill

8.29.11, 5:19 pm
the titan 12t is very hit or miss in almost every case. This is very true... one guy at my track just installed a new Titan 12T in his Losi XXX-SCT and he got real lucky with a motor that goes just about as fast as my Kyosho, neither of us can pull away from each other on the straights. He got real lucky with his motor and/or he probably broke it in properly too which is VERY important with any new brushed motor.

8.29.11, 5:24 pm
Exactly why i left Personal Preference,Price,Performance etc... out of the picture.
+1 Bill

thx, I tried to be as unbiased as possible, but those HPI motors seem to deliver a lot of bargain for the money.... if I find myself with a bunch of spare time, I might strap my GPS to the same car after installing various brushed motors with the same gearing and see what I can find... but again this will only prove speed on one set of motors... I do think there is a hit or miss element with brushed motors where one motor in a lot of "x" that are manufactured tends to be a hotter motor than others in the same brand :confused:

8.29.11, 8:02 pm
My firebolt lasted me a good 23 runs and yes i did right it down. But that was with a 3300mah 6 cell nimh pack. I would say a good maybe 5 hours before it crashed on me. I think they can both be good just as long as you take care of them. Brushed motors are like glass, you got to be careful with them or they will go or by fast or break down. Here are them put to the test .I think theres no point on buying a new brushed system if there just about the same speed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTBGPgXQmhY

i don't know
9.14.11, 6:46 pm
Ok, maybe since we are talking brushed motors, someone can tell me what kind of motor will be ideal for bashing fun with my electrix stadium truck. The only mod i have currently is a traxxas xl-5 esc and 3600 venom nimh. I not going brushless on this car. I've been told the Reedy Radon 17T is a proven choice, but i'm hearing the Titan 12T is good. I dont want something that I have to frett about temperatures too much. But I don't mind getting in depth.

9.15.11, 1:55 pm
I dont mind temps on brushed motors. But the reedy randon would be good cause when the brushes wear down, you can replace them for 2$ instead of buying another motor for 15-20$

9.15.11, 2:23 pm
You should mind temps on any electric motor...

The 15t is better than the 12t in the way that it produces more torque, but the Reedy Radon 17t is rebuildable (?)

i don't know
9.15.11, 6:20 pm
Very good info. Now, I am curious if I have to replace any of the gearing. It is all stock. The motor on it now is a Dynamite 20T... So I am assuming that the 17T is probably compatible enough.... right?

9.15.11, 8:36 pm
It should be mechanical wise, but electrical, you might have to check the turns on the esc, brushed motor turns cause cause an esc to run smooth or burst into flames, so check

i don't know
9.16.11, 5:48 am
How do I check the turns on an esc? I have a Traxxas xl-5 esc.

9.16.11, 8:03 am
According to the manufacturer specs here (http://traxxas.com/products/parts/escs/xl5waterprooflvd):

■15-turn motor limit for 540 size motors
■12-turn motor limit for 550 size motors

My personal preference is the 540 size 15T HPI Firebolt (http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_info.php/cPath/1_221_1889_222/products_id/44404/n/HPI-Firebolt-15T-Brushed-Motor-1), not only is it 50% less expensive, it performs the same as the Titan 12T ;)

9.16.11, 8:23 am
as i already posted, if you treat the titan 12t right and break it in it is a heck of a motor. i can dance around boosted 10.5's with my current motor. thing is just flat out mean and it stays well under maximum temp (140f, im coming off the track @ 125 max)


9.16.11, 3:10 pm
But i still feel more suited with the hpi 15t one, i used up my 12t titan faster than my 15t. I had my 15t for 4 months and my 12t titan for 2 1/2, and i really didnt see any difference in power or speed, felt the same. I did break it in, i didnt break in the 15t firebolt untill the 2 month. I just built up some bonds with the 15t one. But i still do recommend you get a rebuild able one. Not the reedy cause that exceeds your turn limit but maybe a 16t shaft. I use a 19t shaft, rebuild-able with a sc-15 esc, works fine, everything is just warm, like regular. Doesnt have a huge anoth of speed, it goes around maybe a brushless 13.5t

9.16.11, 3:26 pm
you cant break in a motor after its already started being used, all your doing then is wearing out the brushes.

the reedy 30,000 is a17t bdw ;)

and by shaft i guess you mean the armature.


i still say the titan is a better motor. its got more torque, higher rpms, (so another words higher horsepower) and that fan on the armature keeps things cooler.

as ive said (3?) times now its all about maintenance and proper prep.