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2.23.12, 2:00 pm
are they all the same for all brands? i need to gear down for the sand and was wondering if the pinion gear is the same for traxaas, ecx, ect.... i'm running a tacon for my torment.

2.23.12, 2:34 pm
As long as its 48 pitch you can use any size, desired.

2.23.12, 4:11 pm
Just make sure you get the pinion for the right size motor shaft, it's either 1/8" bore (also called 3mm) or a 5mm bore motor shaft-depending on what tacon motor you have. Any 48p pinion will work. I'd also suggest a robinson racing pinion over traxxas (they can shatter easily).

48p 1/8" bore


48p 5mm bore pinions


2.23.12, 4:47 pm
Remember your slipper clutch pads attach to the spur gear too.
I just changed them on the boys torment. He stripped a spur when his pinion came loose.

2.24.12, 10:46 am
I just got done swapping out my spur and slipper on my torment; annoying that they are two different part numbers, and annoyng that the spur came with another (useless) set of tranny gears....

2.24.12, 1:23 pm
so what gearing do you recommend for loose sand? and do i run the stock "teeth" spur gear?

2.25.12, 11:34 pm
You're probably gonna wanna torque down on your gearing for sand most likely. If you're running stock gearing, you're going to get a fair amount of both torque and top speed.

Your gearing choice really depends on your motor and ESC combo. Just get as many pinion sizes as you can afford and experiment a bit. Keep an eye on your temps first and foremost!! If you find you're not able to get the torque you're wanting with the pinion alone, you always have the spur to customize your teeth on to get better results. You won't be able to find an ECX one however, you'll need to use an Associated spur for that..

What I or someone else might recommend may not necessarily be good for you. That's the beauty of the hobby, you have the choice to customize your performance to how YOU like it, and if someone else says otherwise then that's their opinion.

As far as the "useless" set of extra trans gears.. well. Let's just say you'll probably find a use for them before long after running a good portion of power thru that transmission on your truck, LoL.


2.26.12, 5:52 am
Gsxr-Keep your stock spur and get some pinions like Jrox said. Start with what you have on now and run your rc in the sand. Run your rc like you would normally and Monitor esc and motor temps. 160 degrees F or less for the motor and IMO 115F or less for esc. I would chck temps the first 5 mins and every 5 mins after that.

My ideal temps are 140-150F for motor and <115F for the esc after running a full pack.

My suggestion is run it until you find a temp you're comfortable with. Keep in mind, under geared is just as bad as being over geared.

2.26.12, 7:12 am
'useless' within the context of I already upgraded to metal :(

2.26.12, 1:30 pm
.........Any 48p pinion will work. I'd also suggest a robinson racing pinion over traxxas (they can shatter easily).

I got a problem with the RRP pinion, when I try to tight the little screw with the allen wrech it make some turne and then just slips inside of the screw grub when its just barely tight so the pinion is not really tight, now Im afraid it will be lose again in a nice jump as it happened with the stock one, the problem is not the allen wrech because I can give a really good tight to the screws that cover the gear set (spur and pinion) almost at the point when the allen wrench start to bend.

Is there something I should do more to have the rrp pinion really tight?

2.26.12, 1:45 pm
2 possible things:

You're not using the right size Allen head and/or Rounded


The screw is stripped.

2.26.12, 1:52 pm
well I can get another allen wrench (btw wich size), but is there any place where I can get more grub screws for those rrp pionions as spares for 48p?

stock grub screw pinion is gone already and i dont want to have the rrp pinion screw stripped too

2.26.12, 2:25 pm
The grubs on the RR pinions are SAE (standard), not metric. Point being, you can't use the allen wrench that comes with your ECX, those are metric. That wrench will not tighten the grub screw on the Robinson pinion. Don't continue to try and do it with the wrong wrench, you'll round out and strip the grub screw or your wrench.

You need a 1/16 SAE wrench to get those Robinsons on tight.

Also the grubs are not interchangeable between the ECX and RR. They have a different threading counts on them. Once again, don't force anything or you'll ruin stuff.


2.26.12, 2:36 pm
If use right, this tool won't give you any problems.. This tool doesn't round off easily but if you bend side to side, the tip will break.


It's what I use and was recommended from the owner of the lhs.

Set screws


I think it's part # RRP 1001 but I'm not sure. It's definitely not the RRP set that says for 5mm pinions.

I bought part# 1002 a long time ago and just opened the package to try it out on my 48p and 32p pinion gears. It doesn't fit well. So dont get part# 1002

2.26.12, 2:43 pm
don't force anything or you'll ruin stuff.

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to force the screw into the pinion. :lol: :rollin:

2.26.12, 2:45 pm
Kong I don't think it's cause his wrench is damaged because he said in an earlier post that he still uses it to tighten down his gear cover without trouble. He's trying to use the wrong type of wrench on the pinion and it won't work. A metric wrench will turn the screw, but when you go to torque it down it will just slip and not tighten it.

The stock pinion grub as well as the screws on the gear cover are 1.5mm which is metric. (Mostly used in European countries) The RR's are standard (mostly what we use here in America.)

Steelfish just go and get yourself a dual set of both SAE and metric wrenches. You can get both kinds in one package at Wal-Mart for like a $1.50. Typically metric wrenches are black in color, while SAE's are shiny silver. Use the silver one for your pinion grub.


2.26.12, 3:52 pm
thanks guys, seems that the bashing session for today will be on hold because I dont have SAE allen wrenches in that small size.. danm!!

well at least I will save one grub screw for being stripped, thanks guys