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Forums are closed for a brief period to remind all participants that the simple forum rules are to be followed at all times (bookmark the link, re-read it when the site reopens). They exist to keep this community resource clean, family-friendly, and helpful. I support open-mindedness about all brands & projects, different driving styles & desires, nitro & electric, speed runs & rock crawling. If it's RC and it's not impinging upon anyone else's safety & lifestyle, URC is all about it.

I don't tolerate foul language (including attempts to mask it with asterisks & letter substitutions), racism, homophobia, religious intolerance, or any other form of unnecessary ugliness or negativity that takes away from peoples' wholesome enjoyment of our expensive toy cars, trucks, boats, helis, planes, & whatever else we stick a receiver into.

Thanks for your understanding, and see you soon.

founder, owner, admin

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