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"Experienced user"
Sonkind - 10.30.12, 2:44 am Post #91: | Reply With Quote
VRC announces 1/8 Nitro Buggies.

Whenever we launch a new class like Short Course trucks back in August, one of the first questions always is: what’s next? Well, next is 1:8 nitro buggies, a class of r/c racing that is very popular throughout the world.

At this moment we are still in preparation mode for this class. 1:8 Nitro buggies will be our first ‘open-wheel’ type of chassis, requiring fully animated suspension, including the suspension arms, shocks, sway bars, track rods and drive shafts. This type of animated suspension requires a different approach on the physics as this part of the software controls all these movements. In the other chassis the suspension geometry is laid out as 2 ½ D, but the open wheel off-road buggies need 3D geometry because of the complexity of these suspensions. Not only needs the rake angle of the front suspension to be modeled in 3D, also other features like C-hubs and anti-squad geometries need to be fitted in. This called for a complete overhaul of the suspension system by physics expert Todd ‘Doc’ Wasson. The result will not only be very nicely animated suspension, but also more accurate suspension geometries for the physics engine to calculate the car behavior which will result in further refined handling. Eventually all classes may benefit of the new 3D geometry technology that is now being developed for 1:8 buggy.

The introduction of 1:8 nitro buggies also calls for more full size tracks like Rhein Main. Currently graphics artist Tony West is working on A Main Hobbies Silver Dollar Raceway in Chino California, and a few more exciting full blown off-road tracks. We can’t reveal everything here, want to keep a few surprises for you…

We will get back to you with more information about the release of 1:8 nitro buggies once we enter beta testing stage. For sure this new class is going to add even more excitement to VRC Pro!
Really looking forward to this.
I have a few cars.
rcpython59's Avatar
"Experienced user"
rcpython59 - 10.30.12, 5:32 am Post #92: | Reply With Quote
Yeah,same here,I just can't wait until this is huge and you can do a drive it before you buy it,sort of advanced physics so you can try out a car you are eying up before dishing out hundreds of dollars
ugh,im sorry for what happenned to my account guys....
dapro(not)'s Avatar
"Experienced user"
dapro(not) - 1.06.13, 7:25 pm Post #93: | Reply With Quote
pretty fun. just got it a day a go and i like it so far.
I AM THE MaStEr OF DiSaStEr! (not)
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adaptable1 - 1.25.13, 10:21 am Post #94: | Reply With Quote
There seems to be a lot more on-road content than off-road. What subscription level & add-ons make sense for folks who primarily race short course trucks?

Their business model is flawed, in my opinion. They'll only reach a finite number of users in a niche market. They should make it more like Simraceway (in the sim-racing world) where its free to use on any track & even compete, but you buy the cars/opinions at a one time price and can earn virtual "credits" by competing and spending time on the system.
iamahuman's Avatar
"Leftie M11x user"
iamahuman - 1.25.13, 5:05 pm Post #95: | Reply With Quote
They just put out the Silver Dollar Raceway. from what I've been told, it's spectacular. I'll be waiting for the 1/8 buggies before I buy anything.
SSC LCG Slash 4x4
rcpython59's Avatar
"Experienced user"
rcpython59 - 1.25.13, 5:47 pm Post #96: | Reply With Quote
iamahuman said
They just put out the Silver Dollar Raceway. from what I've been told, it's spectacular. I'll be waiting for the 1/8 buggies before I buy anything.
Exactly what I was thinking.
ugh,im sorry for what happenned to my account guys....
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