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jesterz99 - 1.08.13, 3:58 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hey guys

well have a grave digger and adjusted the slipper clutch. When i opened it, it was tightened. i eased off on it. it says not to run it full tight , yet it was setup like that.
I am getting a slash, will i have to adjusted the clutch the same, or is factory setting good ?>
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furbymac - 1.08.13, 4:17 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Mine came tightened all the way i gave it about a 1/4 turn and called it good.
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DrJVogel - 1.08.13, 5:05 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
This is what happens with mass production. Factory settings are not, ah, shall we say, "always on the mark." In an un-boxing video, I think even Jang has had issues with factory assembly. It's always a good idea to double check your RC before operation. It may be no fun to check over an RC before a run, but it can save you an even bigger bummer (time, money, aggravation, etc.).
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ntp - 1.08.13, 5:09 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
The slipper on my 4x4 Stampede's slipper nut was so loose i could remove it by hand. Checked it by pure chance before it's first run.

Good Luck, enjoy yer truck!
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jesterz99 - 1.08.13, 5:50 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Surprising , i checked it cause i check everything , lol . I do love the rtr, this is my first rtr, i used to build the tamiya kits and mugen . RTR is a godsend. lol

Very odd that it comes like that ! probably the cause of alot of problems.

Also was gonna change pinion but its on there good, gotta take motor out when i feel like it

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DrJVogel - 1.08.13, 5:59 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
My Summit RTR was all jacked up from the factory. It cost Traxxas three replacement servos!
RC addict and loving it
somewhere near Grass Valley, CA --- let's bash
"Experienced user"
Chevis - 1.08.13, 6:05 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
Both Slashes I picked up recently had the slipper cranked down all the way. I went over both of them before their first run.

I'd rather have kits, but that's just me. The only kits you can get now are the mega high end "Factory" race type stuff.
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deerhurst - 1.08.13, 8:49 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Ish, many of the kits are still not "race" type stuff but basher stuff. kits are more fun IMHO.

My slash was pretty good from the factory but slippers cant really be adjusted from the factory for what every one that buys one is going to do so they just seem to do what ever.

Best to go over a new truck before even thinking about running it.
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