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VegasGT - 1.07.13, 6:51 pm Post #181: | Reply With Quote
steelfish said
installed a 3S LIFE battery to my Ruckus ATV quad
Hows that workin for you?
ECX Torment 2.0 - Tacon 3660 3000kv, VXL Axles, Metal Gearset, etc
Losi MiniSCT - Xcelorin 4500kv BL, 3s on 20/58 gearing
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EPIC SRT - 1.07.13, 8:17 pm Post #182: | Reply With Quote
RCkap1 said
Fantastic, what do you think of the revenge so far? Happy, satisfied, disappointed? The price could mean its not that great, but since its ecx it would suggest that it's quality. I want to love it but don't have anyone advertising their opinions.
Working on the video aspect:


So far I'm pretty happy with it. I have a couple things I'm disappointed in (as mentioned in the thread linked above), but i figure no $400 1/8 scale buggy is going to be absolutely perfect.

I plan to make a series of short videos to be posted throughout this week and in to the weekend weather permitting. I'll save some of the real hard stuff for last just incase I break something as replacement parts are a week away if I break something.
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"Experienced user"
mleunc - 1.08.13, 8:09 am Post #183: | Reply With Quote
Started changing out to Associated links last night. Hope to finish for weekend, supposed to have some 70 degree weather.
T-ville, NC

ECX Ruckus: Lots of mods
steelfish's Avatar
"your Loco friend from Baja"
steelfish - 1.08.13, 4:33 pm Post #184: | Reply With Quote
VegasGT said
Hows that workin for you?
after 3 packs they're doing it excellent
check the post 324 from the next thread for some action pics and post 326 a video using that 3S LIFE battery

Baja HB D8T-E **** Baja Nexx10sc *** Baja Wraith *** Baja Ruckus *** Baja Smash
Baja, Mexico
/ California, USA
EPIC SRT's Avatar
"Experienced user"
EPIC SRT - 1.08.13, 4:51 pm Post #185: | Reply With Quote
Broke the rear hub carrier on the Revenge. Upgrade parts on order!
mtm68's Avatar
"Can't stop collecting"
mtm68 - 1.08.13, 8:18 pm Post #186: | Reply With Quote
Got my tekno axles for the torment. Install Friday night.
The collections bloated... Slashes, torment, circuit, Nexx10sc, on road, an ebuggy, an exo, a gcm stretched 1717 powered savage; and a super 5sc flux, oh my!
"Experienced user"
Yellow Rocket - 1.09.13, 5:33 am Post #187: | Reply With Quote
Put in the Leopard 3930kv motor and esc. I took it out last night for a test run and as soon as I hit the throttle the stock driveshaft twisted and broke. I figured this was going to be a problem because running the stock motor and 2s lipo the driveshafts were already twisting pretty bad. My traxxas driveshafts should be in today and I will install them when I get home.
"Experienced user"
manydubs - 1.09.13, 7:52 am Post #188: | Reply With Quote
Replaced crappy AM radio system with Flysky GT-2 system. Works so much better, long distances finally!!
erockrc's Avatar
"Experienced user"
erockrc - 1.10.13, 11:15 am Post #189: | Reply With Quote
put a sidewinder 2 in my torment, duratrax aftermarket shocks, e maxx tires
need to raise the body more because it rubs the tires
"Experienced user"
Yellow Rocket - 1.10.13, 11:29 am Post #190: | Reply With Quote
Installed the traxxas drive shafts on my boost today. Pretty happy so far with the outcome so far.

What would be the best settings for my esc? Just going to be using it for bashing.
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