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MonkeySteezy's Avatar
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MonkeySteezy - 11.18.10, 7:12 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
For whatever reason, I have found that NOTHING seems to fit the inset screw on the pinion gears that come with the slash. I have tried 2.5mm, which seems to be the standard, I've tried almost every size wrench in both standard and metric, and nothing works and the pinion comes off...whaddya do?
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Fiero_Man_121's Avatar
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Fiero_Man_121 - 11.18.10, 7:18 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
you need a good 1.5mm allen key or driver, on a side note, next time you go to buy pinions buy team losi pinions, they seem to hold up the best

if you need to you can always grind down your 1.5 allen key so that it has a fresh tip to it
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pieman12345's Avatar
pieman12345 - 11.18.10, 7:20 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
are you taking it off or on? the setscrews take a 1.5 mm hex, wayyyy smaller that what your trying now.
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stivine6's Avatar
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stivine6 - 11.18.10, 7:20 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Yeah i had the same problem just turned out it was the crappy 1.5mm allen key that came with car. Never even used it and the first time i used the key it was stripped. You just need a good quality one.
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Fiero_Man_121's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Fiero_Man_121 - 11.18.10, 7:23 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
yeah, trx also uses some kind of magic spell when they make the car, those suckers are hard to unscrew the first time. i stripped a good allen driver tip when i tried to get one off for a guy (made me look like an idiot at the time till 2 more ppl tried it)

sounds like hes trying to put it on
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FireFrenzy - 11.18.10, 11:05 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
i'm a big fan of robinson racing's absolute pinions, cheap as chips and they last forever...
Fiero_Man_121's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Fiero_Man_121 - 11.19.10, 3:55 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
yeah, no they dont, had a set and they went after about 2 months of use
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Dr. Isotope's Avatar
"Forum Dwelling Basher"
Dr. Isotope - 11.19.10, 6:53 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
The Robinson Absolute pinions are hardened, so they do last a long time, and run about $5 each. I have several that have been around for ages. That said, I much prefer the Losi pinions. They are hands down my favorites.

The "standard" Robinson pinions I would recommend to no one. Even with proper slipper adjustment and gear mesh, they'll be sawblades within a matter of 8-10 packs. They just can't withstand brushless power.
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FireFrenzy - 11.19.10, 10:04 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
i bought my pinions over on liquid and i think i got them alot cheaper then 5 bucks, more like 2.5 or there abouts...

And as you said hardened steel makes them last for ever... Hell i'm running the one i have now hard, like 3-6 packs a week, 44400 rpm, sometimes with sand stuck in it or something and it's still going strong, after what by now must've been, what, 6 monthes?
el_tonto's Avatar
"Unexercised Peer"
el_tonto - 11.19.10, 1:55 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
If a 1.5mm hex key doesn't quite work then try 1/16" which is basically 1.6mm - just that little bit extra can be a wonderful thing
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