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RC Flea Market forum rules -- MANDATORY:
(If you don't follow the rules below in full, YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED without warning)
  1. ALWAYS start your "for sale" post title (subject line) with "FS:" and start "wanted" listing titles with "Wanted:"
  2. You may only buy if you have been a member for 3+ months, sell after 6 months, no exceptions (learn why).
  3. Include clear, current photos of any item worth $50+ USD. No "email me for pics," no "pics later," no photos from the web, no exceptions.
  4. List only items that you personally own. Friends & family must use their own accounts. No commercial listings.
  5. Sellers, do not request PayPal "gifting" or any extra fee for PayPal payments. Wrap any desired fees into your item prices.
  6. You may "bump" a thread only if it falls off the first page of topics.
  7. If you aren't seriously interested in a purchase, don't reply to an ad unless you strongly suspect fraud.
  8. When your item sells, edit your thread's title to "Sold," but don't delete the original post.
Warning: Trading (item for item) is extremely risky and fraud-prone, and thus very strongly discouraged. Individuals in small towns can acquire a proof of shipment receipt from a "friendly" US Postal Service employee while an item is actually on hold at the postal station, thus trades can only be based on blind trust.
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"Because Racecar"
thestug - 7.21.17, 10:33 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
Corrupt said
No wheels and tires will hurt. That, plus it being a roller (slider) will hurt even more. That leaves your market down to someone who has a project in mind and wants to pick up a roller cheap, or someone who already has the parts and sees a good opportunity to start a new project.

I listed my SCX-10 locally not long ago, to see what kind of offers I got. Mine is mostly stock, non kit version. Upgrades being a brushless 17.5t sensored system, aluminum hubs, and wheels/tires. Highest offer I got was $170.

I wouldn't expect any more than $150 for yours. Definitely separate the wheels. Those are nice, usually see those sell for $100 and up on RCC.

Good info. Thanks. I realize that I'll be taking a loss. If I can get atleast $200 total, for the whole thing it will likely be worthwhile. I might post it here on URC soon for $250 with the potential for selling the wheels separately from the chassis. I realize $250 might be a little high, but I want to give myself a little room for haggling.
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"Experienced user"
Habanero - 7.23.17, 7:41 am Post #12: | Reply With Quote
thegrafxguy said
>Video games don't keep value either unless they're special.<
Oh I'm aware - that's my whole strategy now- wait. I haven't bought a new game in years the only exception was Fallout4 was not going to wait for that.

I can even rent newer ps4 games from the library here for free- which is why I want one now.
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thegrafxguy's Avatar
"Experienced user"
thegrafxguy - 7.23.17, 10:20 am Post #13: | Reply With Quote
I ought to check our library! That's a great idea
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"Gecko Guy"
RCGecko - 7.31.17, 3:47 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
I sold my scx10 on ebay 2 sets of tires for 255 plus 24.99 shipping. Just as a guide.
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