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mystic4407 - 1.31.17, 1:59 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
I've recently gotten into the RC hobby, and have become obsessed with the modding and upgrading aspect. I dusted off a couple of old RadioShack cars that I had when I was a kid, and ended up doing a dual 550 on a 4WD, and a brushless on a 2WD. I have since found and purchased a few additional Nikko and RadioShack cars relatively cheap on eBay and begun modding those as well. My two sons have a blast driving the cars with me, and I do it for the pure joy of seeing a toy car that I grew up with blazing along next to my Blackout in the backyard. I just can't stop the giggles. I don't modify the gearboxes (aside from mounting the new motors), and I haven't upgraded any of the shocks other than repairing the originals. I have gotten pretty good at modding these old things (all Nikko/RadioShack buggies so far) for ridiculous speeds (I'm talking 50+ mph on 3S), and I have been pleasantly surprised with how well they handle and hold up for their age.

Sorry for the lengthy background, now on to my question. Do any of you here beleive that there is a market for selling the Vintage RC Toys with hobby upgrades? I'm considering listing a few of these on eBay (with a reserve) just to see what happens. I'm just wondering if most people that are in this target market are there for the same reasons as me, or if there are some out there that would just pay for a packaged product. I'm thinking of packaging each car with a 2S LiPo and a basic charger. I think its worth a shot to see if there could be a market there. The cool factor of these things have surpassed my own expectations so far, and my kids prefer to drive them over our hobby cars.

Any thoughts, comments, questions?
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Jean - 2.05.17, 1:18 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
its a good question and I would simply say..NO
Reasons being that people like us are dinosaurs..Nobody cares anymore about those RC , the mentalities have changed and everything is just disposable, second you would be competed with entry level Hobby grade RC would it be used or new ( ECX, Duratrax, Redcat to name a few ) added to those the asian toy brand border line Hobby grade RC such as GP toys RC, WL toys RC etc...Think also about the parts that are no more available even though those RC were built in the rock!
And finally last point , people in the old Toy RC market are collectors looking for rare NOS ( New in box ) items.
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JesterTheJoker - 2.05.17, 1:25 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
Personally i would buy them, but no, as jean said there is almost zero market for that type of thing
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nino - 2.05.17, 11:56 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
You could probably get more money for an original stock vintage RC than a modded one.

But this reminds me... I gotta check if my friend is still holding my Nikko Frame Buggy I gave to him some 15 years ago. It would be cool to see it run again, this time on a lipo pack
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mystic4407 - 2.27.17, 1:52 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Thanks for the input guys. I have decided to try and sell one of my first Vintage Mods by listing it on eBay. It has gotten quite a few views and 3 watchers at the moment. I'm worried that I may have priced it too high... but we will see. It's a Nikko Aero Thunderbolt, and I'm selling under the Brand Name Vintage RC MODS. I've got several other Vintage Cars that I plan to list too if all goes well. If it turns out that there isn't a market for these, that's ok too since I've got two sons that enjoy driving them as much as I do.
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rawwk crawler - 5.02.17, 4:25 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
I am older and just getting into the RC hobby and am interested in modifying some of the higher end toy grade vehicles. Especially the off road ones. I recently picked up a 1/12 scale RWD Nikko Hummer H2 at a local thrift store with no controller so I think it would be a good candidate for experimentation. As for there being a market for modified toy grade stuff? I agree with the others but hey it can't hurt to try.
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Jean - 8.10.17, 5:26 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
make sure you don't throw away any original parts from those " hard to find old great toy RC!!!"
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fyrstormer - 8.11.17, 8:37 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Yeah, for the most part people who want to buy vintage RCs want to buy *original-condition* vintage RCs. Very few people who buy toys from their childhood plan to actually use them; most of them are just collecting old toys for their own personal museums.
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Jean - 8.11.17, 5:12 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
and even including old original packaging is a huge must...
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