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schwinngo - 8.18.17, 1:28 am Post #31: | Reply With Quote
I didn't think it would have a chance of holding. I'll give it a shot worst case scenario is a new shaft,clutch and 2nd gear which I'm sure is less than 10$ a new shaft is 3$. With the drill press it was going well I just got impatient. I work nights and by 3 am I'm in a big rush to get home hoping for 4 hours of sleep.
I've used the steel putty with great success I actually still have my original summit exocage that chopped up to fit inside a proline gen 1 bronco body put back together with that stuff.

Gotta start looking at bodies and wheel tire combos soon. I like Liscensed body's and narrow tires. The terrapins perform great but I don't care for 0 offset wheels though it looks ok on here. My only comparison is a summit and it was very unstable on the terra Pins. I have trencher x's as well but I kind of hate them. Ugly short and clownishly wide. The stock tires look good but seem to hard.
2wd slash x2 1 road 1 mt, summit and ascender
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nickandluke - 8.18.17, 2:39 pm Post #32: | Reply With Quote
Thats a ton of tires
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