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Kingy - 4.20.17, 4:21 pm Post #71: | Reply With Quote
vintage said
Sure, I understand how it could damage the battery, just not how it could damage the ESC.
heh, you said esc so many times in your post, yet I still somehow got fixated on the battery side of things, sorry about that. Bill answered perfectly above though.
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targetingxmod - 4.21.17, 4:53 am Post #72: | Reply With Quote
My Xray 808e had Deans a few years ago...but now i use EC5 or XT90 (can't remember) need to look....

Once runing it on grass the Deans melt off the plastic and purelly luck i didn't have a short ruining the ESC. I was using 5s and big tires.
But with EC5 later or XT90 i use the same tires and run on wet sand till LVC goes off and they are fine...

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

-Minute 1.02" Deans used on grass...

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

-Sand use!

That is my experience, and i agree that poor soldering in any conector leads to disaster. On my case was the Deans. Cause the other conectors don't make what my Deans did....

But that's just one user experience. SO i just use Deans now on my minis that are swtiching for XT60 lately, mainly because believe it or not sometimes when a rush or poor visibility (night) we can accidently reverse the Deans plug... yep it can happen (more then twice to me...) so i am trying to not use Deans anymore...goodbye!

vintage said
How would battery connectors ruin the ESC? They're in a series circuit with the ESC, any increase in resistance in the connector increases the total resistance of the circuit consisting of the esc/connector combination, thus reducing the current through circuit since battery voltage is a constant, thus reducing the load on the ESC and causing the ESC to run cooler (the connector may get very hot if its resistance exceeds that of the ESC and motor, but that would ruin the connector).

Does this have something to do with ripple voltage? Or are the connectors mounted so close to the ESC in these cases that enough heat is conducted from the connector to the ESC to damage it?
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MaX-D - 4.21.17, 8:59 am Post #73: | Reply With Quote
Billy Kelly said
I've got a mix of connectors. Mostly Traxxas or Deans. Few EC5 and direct plug in. Never had problem with dean on road cars. Off road stuff would come unplugged after bad landing. Wasn't every time. But enuff to become annoying.
I've had the same problem with a couple of Dean's connectors on two different off-road trucks. They would come unplugged after landing a jump, and this is track driving, not bashing.

I've got six trucks and 6 2s LiPO batteries all with Dean's connectors, I'm not switching anytime soon. If I did, I would either go ec5 or xt90
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