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"Vacationing user"
agusorgen - 3.17.17, 9:51 pm Post #71: | Reply With Quote
riderinblack said
Too soon?
Please explain.
JesterTheJoker's Avatar
"Certified Music Junkie"
JesterTheJoker - 3.18.17, 5:56 am Post #72: | Reply With Quote
riderinblack said
Too soon?
Never ever too soon
"My garden is life itself, in the sense that every aspect of it should be taken care of and tended to as you would a rose, trimming off dead leaves and excess, being left with raw beauty, and perfection in my own mind. " - Jester
SuburbnHooligan's Avatar
"Vacattoning user"
SuburbnHooligan - 3.18.17, 10:38 am Post #73: | Reply With Quote
what the... what chassis is that on? are those 1/8 wheels turned inside out? im guessing 1/24 scale model body on a 1/18 scale chassis?
just because it's a bad idea doesn't mean it wont be a good time.
i used to crash a lot. i still do, but i used to, too.
It's my duty as a human being to be pissed off.
stevenator128's Avatar
"Inexperienced User"
stevenator128 - 3.18.17, 8:55 pm Post #74: | Reply With Quote
Everything seems to be in order.
One can lose things and one can loosen things. "Loose" is very rarely a verb; it is an adjective, and it describes the grasp some have on this concept.
"inadvertent durability tester"
oldnoob69 - 3.20.17, 5:03 pm Post #75: | Reply With Quote
The world needs sarcasm. To some it is an art.
humayraykinaon's Avatar
"Mr. Postman"
humayraykinaon - 3.24.17, 12:55 pm Post #76: | Reply With Quote
oldnoob69 said
The world needs sarcasm..
I'm still here, not that it matters.
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"inadvertent durability tester"
oldnoob69 - 3.25.17, 2:57 pm Post #77: | Reply With Quote
we all matter. or is that we're all matter? oh poo i'm really not sure.
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