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Rodarbal - Yesterday, 7:14 pm Post #13411: | Reply With Quote
fyrstormer said
I'm attaching strips of magnetic tape to all my RC controllers so I have somewhere to put body clips when I remove them from the vehicle I'm running at any given time.
I've been doing the magnet-on-transmitter thing literally for decades. I've got these Stanley magnetic pads that have Velcro on the backside so I can transfer it from radio to radio as needed.

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fyrstormer - Yesterday, 11:03 pm Post #13412: | Reply With Quote
I'd wanted to do it for a while, but when I first thought of it I had already lost track of my previous roll of magnetic tape, and it wasn't very good anyway. Then there was about 3 years of occasionally remembering I wanted to put magnetic tape on my RC controllers, but never when I was actually in or near a store that I thought might sell the stuff. The required conditions of being in a craft store, remembering I wanted to do the thing, and finding a good-quality roll of magnetic tape, finally converged late last week.
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Dave_S - Yesterday, 11:22 pm Post #13413: | Reply With Quote
Relaxing. Had a long day of wiring, shooting, and driving boss 302. Cars are fun.
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thorwil - Today, 1:43 am Post #13414: | Reply With Quote
Right now I'm imagining a montage of scenes, covering 3 years of hardship, where frystormer is in a craft store but doesn't think of the tape, or thinks of it in the middle of nowhere, or is in the store and can't find any ... all to dramatic music. Then a cut, triumphant, heroic music, frytormer is in the store, thinks of the tape and finds some! He picks it up from the shelves and raises it to the sky, an angelic chorus sings, everything goes dark, just a spotlight on him with the tape!
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fyrstormer - Today, 1:47 am Post #13415: | Reply With Quote
Contemplating paint colors. I moved my Pontiac Firebird body to my 65mph RS4 3.4, and I have an Alfa Romeo 156 body to put on my RS4 SS. I'm looking at pictures of Alfa Romeo 156s, and the paint colors are...uninspiring. There's red, but I already have 3 red cars; there's black, but the Pontiac Firebird is painted black; there's white, but that's just totally lame; there's some kind of steel-blue color, but that's *also* totally lame; there's gunmetal and silver, which I suppose are potential options, but not terribly exciting; and I was considering yellow until I saw a single picture of a yellow 156 and decided it doesn't work at all.

So my options are silver, gunmetal, or some crazy color that no real 156 would've ever been painted. Unless there's something I'm not thinking of?
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thorwil - Today, 2:32 am Post #13416: | Reply With Quote
I think red does suit that Alfa the best. Gunmetal would be my 2nd choice.

Then, there's this.
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nino - Today, 3:08 am Post #13417: | Reply With Quote


Not sure if this is light blue or white with a messed up color balance but a light pastel color might fit. I could swear I've seen tan/beige ones too in real life, but none come up on Google.

This too:

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