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agusorgen - Yesterday, 7:31 pm Post #10681: | Reply With Quote
It is freakin jesus
I like turtles.
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fyrstormer - Yesterday, 11:17 pm Post #10682: | Reply With Quote
slick2500 said
Idk if there was still some WD-40 in there or what happened, I got the motor to move again and now it is working just fine, ran a pack through it in front of my house, motor still has tons of torque as I am still able to flip it over onto its lid from a stand still.
Might have been some electrically-conductive debris jammed between two of the commutator pads and that could've shorted-out one of the motor coils. The Titan 775 has a 5-slot armature, so if one coil is burned-out the other four can still produce plenty of torque, though the motor would obviously be at higher risk of completely burning-out in the future. Alternately, if there was saltwater on the ESC fins, it could've shorted some of the transistor packs together and partially burned them. I killed an ESC in my Summit that way, running it on roads covered with saltwater after a snow storm.

- - -

I ran my Slash today. It's perkier after the motor rebuild. There was some really odd uneven wear on the commutator before; one of the pads was much less worn down than the other two, and I had to lathe it down quite a bit before the cutting bit could reach the other two pads. Makes me wonder if Holmes Hobbies somehow managed to lathe the comm off-center
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nino - Today, 12:24 am Post #10683: | Reply With Quote
I did not RC, but I trimmed a Spawn body. Took me 4 bodies (mangling them with scissors) to realise that the score-and-fold technique is the bestest. Just a light run with a blade, fold it over, bam - it's off!

Anyone need some never used Spawn fenders?
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