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Radian's Avatar
"Regular user"
Radian - 2.28.14, 5:16 am Post #1491: | Reply With Quote
Love the metallic blue! Nice paint job... looks sharp.
cadaver666's Avatar
"Regular user"
cadaver666 - 2.28.14, 10:58 am Post #1492: | Reply With Quote
car bodies can look pretty cool on big trucks.
get to the choppa!!
steelfish's Avatar
"Experienced user"
steelfish - 2.28.14, 3:35 pm Post #1493: | Reply With Quote
Hd joe said
66 mustang coupe painted to match the one in my garage! Goofy but I like it!

No googy at all, If I could find a bit larger mustang body than your I will buy it in a heartbeat for my D8Te build
Baja HB D8T-E **** Baja Nexx10sc *** Baja Wraith *** Baja Ruckus *** Baja Smash
Baja, Mexico
/ California, USA
JdjDtm's Avatar
"Regular user"
JdjDtm - 2.28.14, 4:06 pm Post #1494: | Reply With Quote
My ghetto mtndew skid plate since I have my rear end dropped to the ground. Got a little bored haha

Hd joe's Avatar
"Regular user"
Hd joe - 2.28.14, 7:33 pm Post #1495: | Reply With Quote
That's cool jdj.. Nice home fix! What's up with the blue I see at the steering knuckles?
Dynamite 3900kv brushless/ esc combo, 18t pinion, hot racing spur
Aluminum shocks at all corners, ecx metal gears, titanium links
Hot racing aluminum knuckles, 2s lipo battery-5000mah blue LEDs 😉
JdjDtm's Avatar
"Regular user"
JdjDtm - 2.28.14, 7:44 pm Post #1496: | Reply With Quote
Joe thats from the paint job on the rims. And the home fix worded for a good twenty minutes haha until I hit some rocks and went to reverse it bent the soda can since its so flimsy haha time to upgrade
Reeds_Torment's Avatar
"Regular user"
Reeds_Torment - 3.02.14, 8:01 am Post #1497: | Reply With Quote
Broke a control arm a couple of days ago. My daughter and I were running the truck out in the street and I hit a small patch of sand on the road while turning and skidded into a rock. I've cartwheeled the truck a couple of times and so far this is the only thing I have broken. I got the new arm installed this morning and all is well.
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Name:	armbroke1.jpg
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bugoff75's Avatar
"rehsaB darykcaB"
bugoff75 - 3.02.14, 5:24 pm Post #1498: | Reply With Quote
Before the next snow storm hits, took my Ruckus out before the temps drop again. Between the large dirt pile, large snow piles, soft dirt and lots of mud - I somehow managed to bend a shock shaft. Not sure how that happened, cartwheels, backflips from bad jumps, drops onto pavement, couple of runs up and drop from a tree, or my moneys on the tarp catching the truck and making me miss the dirt pile and sliding upside down into a large branch which got jammed and wedged into the rear suspension. Maybe.

Click image for larger version

Name:	20140303_165059.jpg
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Size:	475.4 KB
ID:	55598

Next day (today) decided to replace the bent shock (I keep alot of those Traxxas shocks in my personal inventory so no problems there) so no issues. easy as apple pie, after replacing the travel limiter so I don't destroy my MIP driveshafts, I did notice the front OE shocks seemed a bit light. Figured after all I've put them thru they must be oil-less. Seemed like it, no dampening what-so-ever. So I changed the water they call oil to a quality Losi 40 weight and realized there is no difference in shock action. Maybe its me or maybe its the ECX shock design but OE water (I mean oil) VS. 40 weight Losi oil made almost no difference in shock dampening. In fact the Traxxas shocks with whatever oil they put in them from factory seemed better then the refreshed ECX shocks, IMO!!!

Either way atleast my Trucks back in one piece and ready for warmer weather
(Last edited by bugoff75 : 3.03.14 at 3:55 pm)
One of these days I do plan on fixing the rest of my fleet. Someday. Until then I'm gonna Bash my ECX Torment and Ruckus till theres nothing left. But I do miss Racing Nitro!!!
bugoff75's Avatar
"rehsaB darykcaB"
bugoff75 - 3.09.14, 12:40 pm Post #1499: | Reply With Quote

running in mud is fun, cleaning the mud is not fun. Finding a tire completely blown off the rim but held together with mud even less fun. Finding the foam is still soaking wet a day later, no feelings good or bad. Means its time for new tires/ wheels. So maybe a little fun.
(Last edited by bugoff75 : 3.10.14 at 2:58 pm)
One of these days I do plan on fixing the rest of my fleet. Someday. Until then I'm gonna Bash my ECX Torment and Ruckus till theres nothing left. But I do miss Racing Nitro!!!
HVAC Guru's Avatar
"Experienced user"
HVAC Guru - 3.09.14, 1:36 pm Post #1500: | Reply With Quote
Looks like fun bugoff.

I dusted mine off and moved it to a different shelf lol come on spring!
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