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Kingy - 8.11.17, 9:44 am Post #11981: | Reply With Quote
The losi ten scbe and the vorza while sharing similar heritages will deliver very different driving styles.

The scbe is based on the ten t, which is based on the losi 810 lightweight 1/8 buggy.

The vorza however is based on the hotbodies d8, which was already considered to be a heavy tank. Then it's beefed up even more and made more basher friendly rather than racer friendly.

The result is the vorza doesn't feel as nimble and agile, but is rather planted and can take some serious amounts of power. The scbe is perfectly happy on a 2s or 3s powered 550.

As for towers, as far as I know they're fine. I've never broken a shock tower on any of the 1/8 buggies I've owned over the years, and that includes racing and bashing (and I bash my 1/8s pretty hard).
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Billy Kelly - 8.11.17, 3:15 pm Post #11982: | Reply With Quote
fyrstormer said
So how's the exposed shock tower on the Vorza holding up? I've only ever owned one RC with an exposed shock tower, and I had to get really creative to reinforce it.

I have to stop looking at that picture. The fluorescent yellow paint and the archetypal RC buggy design, they call to me.
I've bent the front shock tower twice on my Vorza. Both were from bad landings
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"Hasa Diga Eebowai!"
lsear2905 - 8.11.17, 3:45 pm Post #11983: | Reply With Quote
I've not bent the shock tower - in fact the only shock towers I've broken were on the 2WD Traxxas platform.
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Billy Kelly - 8.11.17, 8:45 pm Post #11984: | Reply With Quote
Out early with BT-4. Another run with it and yd2tc tonight. Tried to get a flight in after work, but wind was too much. Got brave for couple minutes and tried a night flight. Maybe one quick loop around parking lot. And successful landing. But called it quits after that.
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KristofferR - 8.11.17, 8:51 pm Post #11985: | Reply With Quote
My latest project is a Tamiya CC01 Pajero Rally. It was a nice simple build and I got it rolling yesterday.

Originally, I had no plans to modify but after driving it without the body on ten minutes I put some shims in the steering to kill some of the quite excessive slop and then a hacksaw to the front of the chassis.... then i ditched the preload collars to make it articulate and stop bouncing.

The body is currently being painted yellow, I'm going for the rally raid look and plan to add some scale touches.
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onedoesnotrc - 8.11.17, 9:28 pm Post #11986: | Reply With Quote
I visited my dad's friend today. He has 2 mugen mbx7r, a dnx408t, and a tlr 8ight 3.0 but he never run them. Fully built, electronics installed, even engines are in but no runs. I also got an old Xray buggy from him for FREE. The engine is ruined though.
Might post a picture since I don't know what version it is. It has a pivot ball suspension, and it's an 8th scale buggy. Sound familiar to you guys?
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fyrstormer - 8.11.17, 9:39 pm Post #11987: | Reply With Quote
Hmm, that's right, I forgot the Vorza is intended to run on higher voltage.

- - -

I ran my 2-speed electric DF-03Ra to test a different armature I installed in the motor. No doubt about it, hand-wound and hand-balanced armatures work better.

Then I ran my T-Maxx real quick before it started raining. It struggles with clutch fade that causes the clutch bell to get so hot the surface turns blue; I'm not sure what to do about it.
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rustyus - 8.12.17, 5:40 pm Post #11988: | Reply With Quote
Track maintenance...

Last months rain storms messed everything up.

Been having the Yeti do all of my RCing activities because of track being in such disarray. Even the Yeti's larger tires were no match for track's larger ruts when the Flying Pig got up to speed.

Trying to navagate a SC/ST/Buggy between ruts, at moderate speeds, was nearly impossible, and impassable . I am really surprised I haven't tore any arms off yet . I got the worst two sections of the track repaired. Two more sections to go and we'll be back to normal.

fyrstormer's Avatar
"Precision Basher"
fyrstormer - 8.13.17, 3:05 am Post #11989: | Reply With Quote
Ran my T-Maxx some more. Turned down the clutch engagement RPM in an attempt to keep the clutch from dragging too much on takeoff, without lowering it so far that the truck starts to stutter on takeoff due to the transmission design. I never adjusted the clutch after I upgraded the engine, and the new engine can hold steady when the transmission slams into gear at a lower RPM than the original engine could. Not to mention, the new engine outputs a ton more torque, which puts a lot more stress on the clutch. I've been having trouble with it heat-fading more often, hence the necessity of adjusting the clutch even though it was working fine before. Incremental improvements.

I also ran my RS4 2 this evening, before it started to rain. I still can't get it to go as fast as it did before I rebuilt the engine. I must've been running it leaner than I thought before the rebuild, and I was able to get away with it because the piston and sleeve were so loose compared to the new parts. I'm considering installing a Novarossi tuned pipe to see if that helps, but there are two pipes to choose from and I can't tell what the functional difference is between them.
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Billy Kelly - 8.13.17, 7:04 pm Post #11990: | Reply With Quote
Took break today. Did get early flight in yesterday. Also did finally get up to the new track up north. Didn't do any laps. Did watch a few practice. Carpet has insane level of grip, TC were pulling rear wheel off ground in some turns. TC looked almost too big for the track to me. 1/12 looked good.
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