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"New user"
Zerthar - 3.06.17, 10:06 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hello community

Im new to the RC hobby and bought a Slash 2wd because most reviews mentioned it was sturdy and easy to work on. Because the terrain where Im living is mostly grass and gravel (no sand dunes or bike tracks), I thought the Slash would be more fun for bashing with bigger tires.
I read multiple threads in various forums and watched videos about the monster truck conversion but the tire off-set thing left me a bit confused. I know my Slash has a different off-set front and rear.
Im planning on using the Proline Trenchers (or Louise Pioneer if I can source them) 1:10 2.8 truck tires:
Rear: Proline Trenchers 1170-15
Front: Proline Trenchers 1170-14 or Badlads 10125-14 (the Badlands are a few mm taller..not my favorite).

In a Youtube video a guy (The RC Element) mentioned that the tires rub on the front A-arms when steering. He mentioned that he specifically got the front and rear versions of these tires for the 2wd Slash. In the comments below, someone mentioned he put them on the wrong way but the topic was not resolved so I don`t know whether this was true. In another forum someone wrote that one needs to install all rear tires, even on the front. And I believe I also read the opposite somewhere else.

I did not want to use the Proline Protrac Suspension Kit because in the longrun Id like to use RPM A-arms. I know RPM has A-arms with "offset compensation". Would this solve the problem? If I bought such A-arms, could I use the off-set tires of 4x4 vehicles?

OR: Is it ok if I buy the Front and Rear versions of the Trenchers as mentioned above? Would it not longer rub on the A-arms?

I know that I need to raise the body and change the gearing on my Vilenion system. So that should not be the topic here.

Thank you for your comments.
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RCDad73 - 5.11.17, 3:10 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Did you ever mod your Slash? I was wanting to do the same thing and brought it up in another forum and I got the same response you did....Crickets. lol

Let me know if you did and how it went.

"Experienced user"
icecold - 5.23.17, 7:54 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
I started many threads on this forum about this very topic and all were a waste of time. Just go to the local RC shop tell the expert what you want to do and pay them.

Or if you do not have a good RC Hobby shop like I do. Just buy up all the offsets options of the wheels and tires you want. Install them until you are satisfied you got the right fit and look and repackage and return the ones you don't need.
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Sneetches - 5.23.17, 9:19 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
The 4x4 front/rear wheels have a bigger offset than the 2wd front and rear, check the 2 hex pictures again for comparison. Longer a-arms shouldn't really make a difference with tires/wheels rubbing on the a-arms, it could be a problem with the wide tires like the Trenchers.My 2wd Slash has 2.8" Badlands on right now without rubbing, whether I have the 4x4 wheels in the front or the 2wd wheels.
Youtube: MegaSneetch - RC videos whenever I can make them!
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Rob5059 - 5.24.17, 4:01 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote
I run 2 sets of the Proline 1170-14 with the stock a-arms, and do not have rubbing.
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St. George - 5.24.17, 7:18 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
You can always go with 2.2" monster truck tires. There are lots of them around as they are popular for rock crawlers. Here's my Slash with 2.2" RPM wheels, both Rustler/Stampede rears:

(Last edited by St. George : 5.24.17 at 7:20 am)
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vintage - 5.24.17, 8:19 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
I think you just need tires and wheels for a rustler/stampede.
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St. George - 5.24.17, 10:14 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
If you want wider offset with 2.2s, just opt for the Rustler/Stampede front wheels instead of the rears.
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