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leeterbike - 2.04.14, 1:31 pm Post #21: | Reply With Quote
Viper copperhead 3.9 or 4.5 550 4 pole setup. Cheap reliable power. The 4500 runs amazing geared 12/54 on 2s. The esc is amazing. Handles tons of power. Viper 3900 is stronger then castle 1410 and the 4500 is faster mid range and top end. Geared how I have it the torque is identical.
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kybepede - 1.03.17, 4:09 am Post #22: | Reply With Quote
T4KT1KZ said
On 4S the WPSC8 is rated to run 3000kv MAX
This limitation is to prevent overheating of the system or what exactly?

I have been running stock motor (3400kv) on my Pede on 4s with WPSC8 couple of times really hard, but that was during sub 0 degrees C and all was cool. Or am I risking total destruction of both motor and ESC due too high RPM of a motor? I have been reading through all the threads on motor upgrades and RC gear shop 2150kv looks very good, but it won´t squeeze into my chassis. Appreciate any info.
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MBailey1977 - 1.03.17, 9:47 am Post #23: | Reply With Quote
The sc8 is one of the best esc for the money. I have 3 and would like to buy a couple more. As said earlier the castle 3800kv is good but I like the tenshock 3800kv a little better but you have to solder the wires on the motor.
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fyrstormer - 1.03.17, 10:52 am Post #24: | Reply With Quote
Attack of the zombie thread!
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LilleCarl - 1.06.17, 4:22 am Post #25: | Reply With Quote

I myself put a Mamba Monster in with the 2650kv motor, if money isn't an issue i strongly recommend it, can run on 2-6s lipo, which is really nice!

What i can tell so far:
1. Nothing gets hot at all
2. Putting 6s in is stupidly overpowered. Spinning 4 wheels at 100kph stupid
3. Programmable ESC is nice, setting punch control and lipo cutoff especially.

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Markus rc - 1.31.17, 11:16 am Post #26: | Reply With Quote
Hi! i run the stock VXl 3500 on my slash and i was wondering if anyone has any tips on esc and/or motor? i want to be able to do kinda amateur speed runs in like 65-70 mph and then just 'switch pinion gear and go offroad and drive around in the woods jumping and stuff. It would also be nice if it was waterproof but its not a must. i have a budget of (around) 260 USD. (budget only includes esc/motor)
Also will a 3s be enough for those speeds or do i have to get a better battery also?
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fyrstormer - 2.02.17, 10:19 pm Post #27: | Reply With Quote
I'm guessing you don't realize how fast 70mph is for an RC. You can't just drive a truck at 70mph with an off-road suspension setup. The forces on the suspension are so much higher at that speed, the suspension has to be tuned to handle it or the truck will be uncontrollable. Not to mention the short-course truck body will act like a kite at that speed, and the slightest bump will cause it to go flying into the air. Even my 30mph Slash has a tendency to pop wheelies when it runs over a crack in the pavement, thanks to air pressure building up under the body.
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Markus rc - 2.06.17, 3:47 am Post #28: | Reply With Quote
I'm thinking of buying the mamba monster 2 combo for my Slash 4x4 anyone have any tips? Does it fit right in the Slash or do you have to get a custom mount? Anyone had any issues with a mamba monster in a Slash, I got the cvd axels ready.
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ThePanda - 2.06.17, 5:26 am Post #29: | Reply With Quote
should fit right in, look into the aluminum strc esc mount as the slash chassis really doesn't have anywhere flat to stick the esc.
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Squeegie - 2.07.17, 9:14 am Post #30: | Reply With Quote
The MM2 fits the LCG chassis with no modifications necessary. YOu just have to move your Rx box up front:

You can also fab up your own mounting bracket:

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