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"New user"
NeilB - 4.16.17, 1:39 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hi all,

New to the site but hoping to be a regular poster in time but would like to pick your brains for a bit first if you don't mind?

I'm looking to take my first foray into the world of RC Cars as a hobby (this will not be fully fledged racing or anything like that just simply for fun) and not really sure what to look at as a beginner setup.

I have a few ideas in mind after doing a little novice research & have come up with these ideas..

Stadium truck

I decided on Electric for the fact that it seems easier for a beginner (same with an RTR kit tbh) & a Stadium Truck as they look really good & a nice cross between Buggy & Monster Truck (both of which I've always liked)
Also I can easily run it when I take my daughter the parks at weekends

The bit I'm finding hard is which manufacturer to look at, I will admit to being a fan of HPI trucks...this stems from a love of their on road cars which I looked into around the early 2000s (might have been the RS4) which was the last time I looked into RC cars & there seems like a lot of firms are out there offering good kits & I want to make sure I'm buying quality.

Sorry for the long pos

Thanks in advance for any help

Joshua KJ's Avatar
"Inexperienced user"
Joshua KJ - 6.17.17, 8:00 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
This is technically my first RC car. Has a few weak spots but is a solid platform. Since you like HPI I guess it would be great for you.
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"Experienced user"
doctyler - 6.17.17, 9:34 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
there's a lot of good choices...question is what is your price range?
Enough cars and trucks....I may have a problem.
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Noel2 - 6.18.17, 10:20 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
This guy probably isn't even looking at this thread anymore. He posted two months ago. Another thread that got approved way too late .

Anyways, a brushed blitz would be a pretty good start. But since HPI isn't doing very well with parts support right now, another good stadium truck could be a 2wd slash. I feel hypocritical recommending a traxxas RC, but honestly for a first RC it's a great option. No worries about parts support, you have everything you need, and there's plenty of hop ups/upgrades out there.
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"Experienced user"
St. George - 6.29.17, 5:44 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Just in case the guy who started this thread comes back to it, I thought I'd throw this out:


I've heard great things about these. I saw one at my LHS and it seemed very tight and well made. Oddly, one of the Ebay reviewers gave it one star because he apparently thought it was a camera. It's not a camera.
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"Regular user"
onedoesnotrc - 6.29.17, 8:18 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
St George did he actually thought it was a camera? but isn't the picture provided? lulz
I'm just a guy who likes all kinds of RC vehicles
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nino - 6.30.17, 5:46 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
In order of appearance:
ECX Torment 2WD BL | Tamiya Stadium Blitzer | H.King Rattler | Basher Bad Bug | Basher Hellseeker | Axial Wraith Spawn
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"Experienced user"
GotNoRice - 7.06.17, 10:24 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Obviously an old thread, but I would tell the OP that if there is ANY way that he could go with a 4WD vehicle as his first vehicle, that would be the way to go IMO. They are just so much easier to drive... for a beginner this is huge.

I've seen many start with a 2WD vehicle because it's cheaper, less maintenance, etc. They are much harder to drive though. A new driver with a 2WD vehicle is going to be spinning out constantly, and will require more forgiving terrain. For some, this is enough to ruin their enthusiasm for the hobby. After all, if it's not fun to drive your car/truck, then what's the point, right?

A 4WD vehicle is perfect for a beginner. With all 4 wheels powered, pretty much whatever direction the vehicle is pointing in will be the direction it goes when you give it throttle, even when you just mash the throttle like a 5-year old would. It will take a LOT more for the vehicle to ever get stuck.
Slash 4x4 Monster Truck (Castle MMP/2400kv 1415)
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nino - 7.06.17, 12:10 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
^ this
In order of appearance:
ECX Torment 2WD BL | Tamiya Stadium Blitzer | H.King Rattler | Basher Bad Bug | Basher Hellseeker | Axial Wraith Spawn
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