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Fiend - 6.15.17, 2:21 am Post #21: | Reply With Quote
Good effort on the crash dbdynsty, that's a lesson to us all!!
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Noel2 - 6.18.17, 1:28 pm Post #22: | Reply With Quote
dbdynsty25 said
Yup, thankfully my homeowners insurance covered me, but still, scary. I had a couple drinks, screwing around with some friends and was doing a speed run into my cul-de-sac and hit the brakes too hard at the end of the street and it went end over end into my other friends year old Jetta. Right into the drivers side door. So yeah, those German cars aren't cheap to fix. Anyway, lesson learned, no speed runs into dead ends when there are cars parked lol. So we try to stick to the yard, hence the reason i built the jump. So it's a litter safer around the house now.

As for stock of the XS...I just think they are going to replace it with that green/black version now. Everyone complained about the terrible stock tires, so they are freshening it up w/ the Pin style tires. Guess that one's releasing any day now. But it's been rumored for 9 months, so who knows. Didn't want to wait personally.
Hopefully they keep the f150 version. The pin tires on the green version are probably going to get teared apart after a few runs and wear out quickly.

I just checked and the duratrax 2.2 Lockups I have are too small (89mm tall) compared to stock (109mm tall). I'm planning on getting some big joe 2s for it (which are 111mm). any other recommendations for tires? Preferably not pin tires, I'll be running it a lot on road and a good amount off-road. So like a neighborhood basher tire, a good all around.
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