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rustydrift - 6.16.17, 4:16 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Last night I was picking up a Craigslist bike for my brother, and noticed a 1/4 scale stock car body in the yard. I asked about it and he threw it in, no charge.

It's a little rough, has some duct tape on the front end, and some cracks. This thing is really thick, over 1/8 inch? I'm looking for suggestions to repair/ stabilize the body. I'm sure I want to drill the end of the cracks to relieve stress and stop the spread. After that should it be the same as any other body? Shoe goo and drywall tape and/or lexan scraps? Some duct tape over that?

I'm not sure what I'll do with it in the end. Might hang it on the wall or save it for a project. The wheelbase is perfect to drop on a lawnmower. Would be the coolest mower on my block...
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MasteroFlego - 6.17.17, 4:31 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
you could frankenstein it like me: http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=241569 (except my body is 1/10th scale :P)

most of the zip strips are reinforced with an extra layer of lexan (also to maintain correct spacing of the holes)
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JesterTheJoker - 6.18.17, 7:04 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
If its that thick, maybe rough it up with scotch brite and use fiberglass?
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Dave_S - 6.20.17, 10:39 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Maybe some kind of specific glue, or maybe you can weld it.
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