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theboomfish's Avatar
"coulombs into bedlam since '13"
theboomfish - Today, 3:57 am Post #2161: | Reply With Quote
Added more negative camber to the back of my Ruckus. The trenchers balloon under throttle so it doesn't effect straight line performance or acceleration but it sure makes a difference when changing direction off or at at half throttle. There is so much camber gain on the outside when it corners.

Also thinking about going up a tooth on the pinion.
ECX Ruckus V2. HW SCT 3400KV. 60aESC. Metal gears. MIP shafts. Alloy rear hexes. 7kg Servo. T-Bone Bumper+wheelie bar. Trenchers.
ECX Torment 4x4. EZRun4000kv 8T Pinion. Ruckus wheels. 9kg WP Servo.
Losi SCTE 1.0 getting faster and faster.
Dizneymn's Avatar
"New user"
Dizneymn - Today, 10:24 pm Post #2162: | Reply With Quote
How did you change the camber? What did you do?
biggman15's Avatar
"Experienced user"
biggman15 - Today, 10:30 pm Post #2163: | Reply With Quote
Dizneymn said
How did you change the camber? What did you do?
Quoting the first thread in this forum.
3. Adjustable Camber and Steering Links

The stock camber and steering links are locked into one position, aren't adjustable, and many have found that they can lead to uneven wear on the tires. There are many options for getting adjustable camber links. Many use the Traxxas setup. I use Associated links with RPM ball cups. You just need to get two packages of Electrix brand ball studs, the links, and the ball cups and you will be good to go.

If using the ball cups and studs, you will need two packs of studs from Electrix. They can be found on Ebay for a couple of bucks. You need two packs because you need a total of eight, and the packs are sold with six in them.

You will need standard RPM ball cups. I use the ones that are listed for Associated vehicles.

To do the links on a Ruckus, Circuit or Torment, you will need links from an Associated T4. They will be the perfect length.

To do the links on a Boost, you will need links from an Associated B4. They will be the perfect length.

Finding these links can be a bit tricky, because they are generally listed strangely. On Ebay if you search for "Associated turnbuckles" you will generally find them in a set for around $15 or so.

Once you have them, they are an easy swap and pretty self explanatory.

The Traxxas ones are also very straightforward. A set of Traxxas 3745 Turnbuckles should work. They are 59mm, 78mm center to center. You will need to get some longer screws to use them, but that should be all you need. Keep in mind, this Traxxas option will NOT work for a Boost. they will be too long. You MAY be able to use Bandit links on a Boost, but it would be more ideal just to go with the B4 setup that we know for a fact works.
Axial SCX10, ECX Boost, Ruckus, Smash, Traxxas Rustler, Slice Db, MERV, Bandit, Stampede 4x4, Blast, Sparrowhawk XB, Evader BX, Evader Bl, RC10 B4.1, Rc18B, RC10 Gold Pan(Project)
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