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Buckeye's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Buckeye - 1.09.13, 12:10 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
This is how my latest purchase happened. I was looking at and researching 4 or 5 different models, and could not make up my mind. Then good ole' Makers Mark came to the rescue and made the decision for me.
pro mod steve's Avatar
"Experienced user"
pro mod steve - 1.10.13, 4:55 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
Strohdog said
Lol , I have done this , buying under the influence is never good . Maybe my laptop should have a breathalizer .
This is how I got my new castle sct set up. Although after install I can't believe I waited this long.
2genewb's Avatar
"Impervious to Perfection"
2genewb - 1.10.13, 5:03 pm Post #13: | Reply With Quote
haha! time for another nightcap. 'cause the 3800 kv will be that much faster on 3s than the 3400 kv.
No Cerveza, No Trabajo. Muchas Gracias.
dfelicia's Avatar
"Experienced user"
dfelicia - 1.10.13, 6:47 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
2genewb said
haha! time for another nightcap. 'cause the 3800 kv will be that much faster on 3s than the 3400 kv.
You are evil. My inebriated thought process was something like "I know 4400 will be hot. 3800 on 3s will be awfully fast, but still hot. 3400 will be a good balance between fast and hot, plus it leaves the door open for 4s."
"Experienced user"
angus - 1.14.13, 2:00 am Post #15: | Reply With Quote
Ahhh - I should have listened to this thread, I just spent $300+ on old school touring car parts (most of which I'll probably never use) and it's 2am here...
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