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"Did I make the A Main?"
BillDeLong - 6.17.17, 8:42 am Post #31: | Reply With Quote
O Bag - As in Oh Yeah... almost done!

Over the years I've come to learn that double sided tape (I use 3M Outdoor ) isn't enough to properly secure an ESC and it's necessary to additionally strap it down with zip ties. If you don't then it's relatively common for the case to split open like this after a nasty crash:

Most brands of cars that I've ran don't offer any special method to strap the ESC and I often have to drill holes for the zip ties to loop through the plastic mount, but I couldn't help but to notice is that the Tekno mount has a lip that just so happens to line up perfectly with the HobbyWing lip to strap the ESC in place. Also note the top plate for the radio box include 3 pre drilled holes (screws included) to mount your transponder:

Here's the final assembly to include the following electronics:
Servo: JX BLS-HV7032MG
ESC: HobbyWing XR-8
Radio: Graupner X-8N
Transponder: MRT PTX-20-NS

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"Experienced user"
0verkill - 6.17.17, 9:35 am Post #32: | Reply With Quote
The attention to details and design elements makes this truggy so nice. Looking good.
BillDeLong's Avatar
"Did I make the A Main?"
BillDeLong - 6.17.17, 2:32 pm Post #33: | Reply With Quote
P-Q Bags - Final Assembly

So I actually had to rotate the switch 90 in order for it to get around the pinion gear, kind of a tight fit but not really anywhere else to mount the switch that I can see, ha!

It's kind of hard to see, but the sensor wire comes out the end bell of the motor and it almost rubs on the ESC, I will have to keep an eye on this and hope it doesn't prematurely wear... there really is no physical room to move anything around, the 2000kV Gool RC 4274 motor fits like a glove with all the other components. I upgraded to a 25T aluminum servo horn and went with a 100mm sensor cable. I also went with a 4500mAh SMC 4S LiPo but didn't realize the pack would be significantly smaller than traditional 4S packs and the velcro straps have tons of left over strap after fastening the pack... though the straps still work fine I am worried that the weight might be a pinch too light... regardless I do plan on adding some weight to the rear of the chassis anyway.

I don't plan to use the white wing nor steel body clips that come with the kit, I ordered a yellow wing and will be using EDS clips which have an angled front which reduces the chance of losing a clip in the event of a crash... I can't tell you how many clips I lost on my RC8T3e... that was VERY annoying!

Freshly painted with my racing color scheme, tuned with all my first guess setup settings and ready to hit the track! Not sure if the track will be open for practice tomorrow being Father's Day, but due to family plans, I will miss the next scheduled race for 6/24 and due to a weird mix of big races the track will be hosting, I might not actually get to race this truggy for the first time until the middle of August... argh!

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"In the mirror you'll see a dog"
Rodarbal - 6.17.17, 5:46 pm Post #34: | Reply With Quote
Very nice, Bill! Looking forward to seeing it in action next week. I won't be racing, but I'll probably stop out sometime during the race day (have to pick up Bridge and Lucas from the airport late in the afternoon).

As for ESC mounting, on the ebug and etrug I always zip tie my ESCs in place on top of four to five layers of double sided tape. I'm too cheap to buy the nice, Kyosho gel tape, but I like having the extra cushion.
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BillDeLong's Avatar
"Did I make the A Main?"
BillDeLong - 6.18.17, 10:30 am Post #35: | Reply With Quote
Thanks RJ... I can't make racing next week, gonna celebrate a friend's 50th birthday function which starts at 4pm. I'm thinking the only opportunity for me to race it will be down at RCHQ between now and August... assuming they have a truggy class?
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"Experienced user"
slick2500 - 6.19.17, 2:08 pm Post #36: | Reply With Quote
Looking good man. Always liked your "Ironmanish" theme.
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BillDeLong's Avatar
"Did I make the A Main?"
BillDeLong - 6.19.17, 4:26 pm Post #37: | Reply With Quote
Thanks man!

So something strange about this build is that I'm experiencing a leaky center diff... it's coming from the seal opposite from the spur gear... I've built tons of diffs over the years and have essentially "perfected" my method of not having leaky diffs but this particular build has me baffled... I rebuilt it a second time only for it to leak again... not sure if I accidentally tore the rubber seal but will try replacing it next time and see if that does the trick... more to come!
eTruggy + eBuggy + 4WD Mod SC + 4WD Mod ST + 2WD Mod ST + 4WD 13.5T Buggy + 2WD 17.5T Buggy + Spec Slash
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