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"Experienced user"
rmanTX - 3.04.17, 1:48 pm Post #131: | Reply With Quote
Got a set of VSW018 yesterday. waiting to find another deal (sub $40) to get another set.

Just waiting on the 5x10x4 bearing
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jomc111 - 3.27.17, 10:28 am Post #132: | Reply With Quote
You get the other set yet/ installed?
"Experienced user"
rmanTX - 3.27.17, 9:43 pm Post #133: | Reply With Quote
no, just running the rear which is the problematic one for us.

destroyed a brand new (2nd set) of hot racing front CVDs Saturday. 1st set lasted through 1 pack, 2nd set went in about 5 minutes.

Anyhow, took it out today and bashed 3wd. got a grinding noise, didnt sound like a diff bark though. Could have been either the spur, or what I've noticed in these trucks is the driveshafts are a little short, and sometimes the pin doesn't fully engage in the outdrive.

Haven't had a chance to tear her apart yet to see what it was. Intermittent sound, so I'm guessing the outdrive/driveshaft.
"Experienced user"
rmanTX - 4.01.17, 6:43 am Post #134: | Reply With Quote
diff was making a ton of noise yesterday,. Pulled it apart last night and didn't see anything strange.

very, very slight wear on the the Kyosho ring, mainly on the insides/depths of the teeth, which was a little odd.

Discovered that the diff screws were backing out and the case was flexing open. Replaced the entire case (had a new spare), new grease, and CA down the screw holes. She should be g2g now.
"Regular user"
jaymu104 - 4.02.17, 9:43 am Post #135: | Reply With Quote
My circuit 4wd with avc just lost the fronts and I'm going in today to inspect it but wish me luck at least this thread has taught me alot it's my first rc ever.
"Experienced user"
rmanTX - 4.03.17, 7:00 pm Post #136: | Reply With Quote
still getting a bark, might be the front diff

gonna tear it apart this weekend, hopefully that's all that needs a rebuild, and start looking into around 4000kv and back to 2s.
"Experienced user"
rmanTX - 6.05.17, 4:25 pm Post #137: | Reply With Quote
I can now attest that the ring and pinion from kyosho are near indestructible.

the internal diff gears, however, are not.

This thing is getting another 4300kv and going back to 2s.The torment monster truck is holding upnjust fine, drivetrain wise.
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"Experienced user"
jomc111 - 6.09.17, 8:19 pm Post #138: | Reply With Quote
I think i have gotten lucky, Because i haven't had any of the issues that you have had. Ever since i put the kyosho gears in i have had basically no problems.
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