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Fiero_Man_121's Avatar
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Fiero_Man_121 - 6.13.17, 4:58 am Post #11: | Reply With Quote
Yeah i can understand the reservation but they are far from the boogie man they were made out to be early on (and since then too) ive had 1 pack go nuclear on me and it was as much the chargers fault as mine.

Any form of stored energy is dangerous, gasoline is dangerous, nimhs are basically a grenade waiting to happen. Follow basic safety guidlines and youll be fine.
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thegrafxguy - 6.13.17, 7:14 am Post #12: | Reply With Quote
Like the others are saying, they aren't nearly as dangerous as people make them out to be. If you abuse them they will bite you. You wouldn't have to worry about monitoring voltage if you got your lvc or lva set correctly. After that you just use them. As far as charging, as long as you have the balance port plugged in, you're fine.

I've had one bad experience with one catching fire, and that was totally my buddy's fault. That was a soft case on one of my quads that got slammed into the ground at full speed. Never had an issue with any of my surface hard packs.
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"Stay Fit"
Corrupt - 6.14.17, 9:12 pm Post #13: | Reply With Quote
They are going to fail like anything else when you don't take care of it.. Take an nimh, don't take care of it, it will blow a huge hole in whatever it is touching. Same with a lipo.

All you need is either a low voltage alarm, which will have an ear piercing audible tone when the cells hit the set lower limit. Very easy to hear.

Or just get an esc with built in Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) and you will be fine, the ESC will stop you automatically.

If you are REALLY scared of them, charge ALL of your batteries in an ammo can.

Best advice would be to get over your fear, you're missing out on a far superior battery technology in lipos.

Stay Fit.
slick2500's Avatar
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slick2500 - 6.15.17, 10:42 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
I was so scared when I got my first lipos, that I set my charger up in my shed and would only charge them in there. Now I have a charging station setup on my desk and charge 4 lipos at a time.
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l died's Avatar
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l died - 6.15.17, 11:55 pm Post #15: | Reply With Quote
slick2500 said
I was so scared when I got my first lipos, that I set my charger up in my shed and would only charge them in there. Now I have a charging station setup on my desk and charge 4 lipos at a time.

I was the same, I used to keep mine in a lipo bag at all times. Now I have around 60 lipos just chillin' in a couple drawers of a toolbox. Have never had one go up in my 10+ years with em.
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Bombel - 6.16.17, 12:14 pm Post #16: | Reply With Quote
Thanks guys. I've got to think this over, no promises tho. lol
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