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"Vacationing user"
agusorgen - 1.04.17, 8:36 am Post #11: | Reply With Quote
And the arrma fury blx? It is very cheap but there should be reasons for that
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thorwil - 1.04.17, 9:16 am Post #12: | Reply With Quote
For historical reasons, a 1/10 short course truck (or short course buggy) is only slightly narrower than a 1/8 buggy. Add the body and it needs more space.

So have a look at the actual dimensions. Build a mockup out of cardboard, if you need a good idea of the size before buying.

A SCB on the same platform as a SCT will outperform it, as it is more aerodynamic, likely lighter and doesn't suffer from the parachute effect of those large, open bodies. 2WD SCT is a far more common race class than SCB.

The Losi XXX cars come with 4 imperial sized allen wrenches. So you could work on it from the start, but it won't be fun until you get proper screwdrivers.

The Fury BLX has a bottom-loading battery tray. Some people, myself included, have rather bad experiences with that kind of tray, but others like it or at least don't see it as negative.
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BillDeLong - 1.04.17, 9:28 am Post #13: | Reply With Quote
the XXX-SCB is almost identical, main difference is a slightly narrower chassis, body posts, roll cage and body. The SCB body can handle a lot more abuse and doesn't get torn up like the SCT body, plus it jumps/flys better without any parachuting issues.

It wouldn't hurt to buy a couple extra spur gears too... over time if you take a hard hit/tumble the motor might shift in the mount and that can chew up your spur gear... one way to prevent this from happening is to apply thread lock on the screws mounting the motor and to check your gear mesh, re-apply threaed lock every so often. This is a good best practice for any 2WD car you select.
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"Vacationing user"
agusorgen - 1.04.17, 9:54 am Post #14: | Reply With Quote
Ok, i think my decision of what second truck is finally getting into a conclusion. Although the xxx line is old losi updates it sometimes so it will come with a more modern system, also people tell me they love this line and that it is very durable and parts are increadibly easy to find. I think the best part is that these trucks are cheap ($350).

Thank all of you guys who helped me to make this decision, i also learnt a lot: for example that traxxas is not as good as i though...
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WamBow - 5.05.17, 5:42 pm Post #15: | Reply With Quote
lsear2905 said
OK, so I read that thread, and I cannot help but say the Rustler VXL all day long.

Parts availability for one, but it's a simple platform which requires a few basic upgrades and will last for ages:
  • RPM wide bumper $6.59 - protect those front A arms
  • Traxxas Wheelie Bar Assembly $13.75 - motor protection, stops it from being knocked and wrecking your gear mesh, plus, wheelies!
  • Traxxas L/R Aluminium Caster Blocks $21.49 - #1 upgrade, prevents bent kingpins
  • Traxxas Aluminum Ultra Shock Cap (4) $12.99 - #2 upgrade, prevents shock caps "popping" off
  • Traxxas TiNi XX long hardened shock shafts (2) $9.39 - bent shock shafts are a pain, these won't bend in a hurry
  • STRC 12mm Aluminum "Lock Pin Style" Wheel Hex Set (2) - the stock hexes in the rear WILL round out on brushless power, these won't - combine with serrated flanged wheel nuts to make sure the wheels stay on tight
  • RPM Hybrid Gearbox Housing & Rear Mounts $25.99 - Aluminium motor mount means better mesh and heat dissipation (if this fits in your budget)

All these upgrades fresh out of the box and your Rustler will not need parts for a long time, and you'll have a fun, reliable RC for a variety of terrain.
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