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"Vacationing user"
agusorgen - 3.20.17, 5:45 pm Post #31: | Reply With Quote
1fox2go said

Ok really you have a few options

1: Keep running your truck there--Risk her telling your parents. Which you dont want

2: Take a different route. Apologize, mention you are not running on her property but this area is the only place you can run. Offer to plant grass seed and get the grass growing on the other side of the trees. Small simple gestures go a long way


3: Find a new spot- End of thread
Oh come oooooon! Don't be so boring, this thread is interresting (at least to me) why just close it? Some say i should apply my rights and others say i should just go away, this is just the beggining my friend.
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"Experienced user"
1fox2go - 3.20.17, 8:06 pm Post #32: | Reply With Quote
It doesnt matter your rights. Exercise them all you want. If you do, eventually your parents will find out, which you dont want.

Worst case, if your system works anything like it does in USA, the police get involved for a disturbance. Which your parents find out and you are likely told to stop by the Police.

Really you are at a lose lose here. Regardless of what keyboard warriors think. If you want to keep running there then you need to suck it up, play nice, and use kindness. Trust me. There is a reason why the phrase "kill them with kindness" is used. It works
My Dad tells me:"Boy you could break an anvil with a feather"
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"Precision Basher"
fyrstormer - 3.20.17, 9:06 pm Post #33: | Reply With Quote
agusorgen said
I can see you like "tabu language" when you are inspired.

"Jack diddly darn squat" was not found in "Stange Murican Phrases" folder.

Would you like to create a new document?

Murican phrase:

"Jack diddly darn squat"

Check out "Fyrstormer's Garage" in the General RC forum.
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"Experienced user"
slick2500 - 3.21.17, 12:11 am Post #34: | Reply With Quote
I say just poop in her yard, but that's just me.
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"Experienced user"
thorwil - 3.21.17, 1:15 am Post #35: | Reply With Quote
"Jack diddly darn squat" is just a bit of spice added to the core "diddly squat", which means a small or worthless amount, i.e. "as good as nothing".

slick: does that help with grass growth, in your experience?
targetingxmod's Avatar
targetingxmod - 3.21.17, 2:15 am Post #36: | Reply With Quote
Grab a bunch of rc nitro friends and make Sundays a track day at that spot. Also make sure you use all the public surrounds around that neighbour with 1/5 scales from friends that have them if possible....

Her dream will come true... A reason to call the police!

She will never bother you again with a "eletric" rc close to her proprety!

If i were me... i just find another spot to run my Rc's and leave her barking with dogs alone in their own mind... and send to her son's a link from youtube from your rc videos doing bashing in another place...

Raise them young, and they will follow you someday !!
(Last edited by targetingxmod : 3.21.17 at 4:45 am)
Oh Lord, save me from those "internet warrior's" typing from mom's basement...
"Vacationing user"
agusorgen - 3.21.17, 3:58 am Post #37: | Reply With Quote
Another thing is i agree that the place can look better, actually they don't want me to kill "their" grass because it looks ugly the dirt there, so again, i will give her a month. Only a month. If there are only two grasses in there, i will run my "grass-killing machines" there.

So now yes, thread closed...for at least a month.
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"Experienced user"
slick2500 - 3.21.17, 10:34 am Post #38: | Reply With Quote
5th scales barely kill grass yet alone a merv, unless you are constantly doing burnouts and cookies.
Ecx 2wd Ruckus
Traxxas Stampede XL-5
Traxxas Summit 1/10
"Vacationing user"
agusorgen - 3.21.17, 12:33 pm Post #39: | Reply With Quote
slick2500 said
5th scales barely kill grass yet alone a merv, unless you are constantly doing burnouts and cookies.
Oh yeah. It is not even grass yet so it is lots of fun to do donuts n stuff like dat.
"Regular user"
jvidal - 3.23.17, 6:25 pm Post #40: | Reply With Quote
Negro cabeza de poronga, pinchale todas las ruedas, hacele cagar fuego la casa amego.
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