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"Truck? What truck..."
Fanatic01 - 1.28.14, 5:04 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hey guys!

I'm hoping to get some further input on a new castle system for my slash 4x4. Upon receiving my slash 4x4 platinum at the end of last summer I've found the velinion system to be really sluggish on 2s and overheating issues of the system caused me to completely avoid buying 3s for it. Even running stock gearing on my street I still found temperatures to be 150F for the motor and the same for the esc. Offroad of course was even higher at 170F. The truck was new so now driveline problems....

I've read many threads on the topic but still would like further input. Many people suggest the Castle Sidewinder 3 with the 3800kv motor. It's nice that it is waterproof but I'm not sure if it's much different or worth replacing the velinion for. Will the motor and esc run cooler than the velinion with stock gearing? How much more speed can be gained with the 3800kv with higher gearing if it does run cooler on 2s? I would like to be at least 40mph and not nosedive after every small jump. More torque for in air control would be nice!

On another spectrum is the somewhat over kill MMP with 2400kv motor which would require 3s and ISN'T waterproof. I hate the idea of putting a non waterproof component in a waterproof truck though. Plus it would require 3s Lipos that I don't have to make run ideally. I have a feeling they might release MMP that is waterproof like the MM2. Driveline wear is also an issue for me with this combo.

I'm kind of torn. I'm leaning more towards the Sidewinder but worried about what I will get out of it compared to say the MMP. I'm not a speed demon or an insane abuser of my rc's. I just feel the velinion to be borderline plus I wish to use my overwear cover that I bought when I purchased the truck without heat issues.

I'm only looking into getting a Castle system. I just need some input on what I can expect for heat, gearing, speed and control.

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"Why? Because I can!"
Jojobeans - 1.28.14, 5:19 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Keep the stock motor, it is actually a pretty good motor. Then, get a hobbywing sc8 esc. It is 120 amps, can run up to 4s, waterproof, and only 60 bucks. It has a fan pre installed also, so temps shouldn't be an issue. That VXL motor will wake up with that hobbyiwng ESC, the stock esc holds the stock motor back a lot.
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Don Roberts
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mdorn98 - 1.28.14, 5:19 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
A common thing that is done for people who want a castle motor and a wp esc is to buy a 1410 3800kv motor which has fantastic speed and torque(own 2 myself) and a waterproof sc8. I know you wanted an all castle system but people seem to really like this pair where waterproofing is necessary
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"Truck? What truck..."
Fanatic01 - 1.28.14, 6:07 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
I've considered hobbywing when i was deciding an esc/motor for my 1/8 buggy but i went with the mamba monster 2. Also the the sv3 with 3800kv motor is cheaper than the motor by itself.... makes sense. Doesn't the gearing directly affect the temperature of a motor not the esc? Or does the amp draw from the esc also contribute to the motor heat? So for I think $122 the sv3 with 1410 3800kv motor is cheaper than the motor by itself along with a $60 esc which would total around $190 w/o tax. Interesting nontheless.
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"Why? Because I can!"
Jojobeans - 1.28.14, 6:13 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
That paired with that sc8 ESC would be good, it is a little longer than a standard 540, so the temps will be cooler.
"After the third flip, I lost control"
Don Roberts
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Roadking05 - 1.28.14, 8:39 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
So, I guess time wise I would be called a newbie, but I did a bunch of research and also bought at least one bad option for my slash 4x4. A bunch of people recommend the hobbywing WP sc8, ok, it appears to work alrigt, but I read a tone of issues with it that to me just made it not worth the money (even though it was substantially cheaper than a Mamba). I ended up getting a Mamba Monster 2 (water proof) with the 2650kv motor for my slash 4x4.

This thing is AWESOME! Now, understand that I spent a decent chink of change upgrading things as I broke them with the velineon set up. RPM pieces for most of the plastic stuff that broke (A-arms, bumpers, mounting posts[pro line],bearing holders) and most of all I added MIP X-duty axles, a must have for the power you will get. So its not just the cost of the ESC / Motor you will be footing.

That said, its a lot of fun! I run it hard on a 3s lipo and it gets warm, not hot, and with all the upgrades I made, it pretty much doesn't have any issues now, even when I go full bore into a tree (I mean when my kid goes full bore into a tree...). Anyways, that's my 2 cents, take it or leave it, but remember its your money and do what you think will be the best for you.

Fanatic01's Avatar
"Truck? What truck..."
Fanatic01 - 1.29.14, 1:14 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
Thanks for the input Roadking05. It would be nice if castle would just release a waterproof MMP. I really don't enjoy running in water as it makes for more clean up and issues but I want the option. However, my reasoning for buying my slash was so i could run in water or snow with a brushless system and not use my brushed e-maxx all the time....it's too slow!!! I just want a more efficient system that won't worry me over heat issues. Having more than enough is always good in this hobby than skimping out then paying the price down the road. Ideally the MMP looks like the best however:

MMP - pretty much need 2 3s packs (I always buy a pair to have one ready)
- not waterproof
SV3 - may have heat issues and seems like a borderline esc
- is waterproof

Don't think I can trust hobbywing but its not out of the woods quite yet,
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R_Os - 1.29.14, 5:17 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Sc 8 is your answer. Easily as well made as any other overseas esc. Which is all of em.

The only thing you dont get is the reassurance of castles warranty and service.
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guys2nv - 1.29.14, 5:37 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
The Ezrun SC8 WP is your best choice like the others have said, if you buy it just make sure you also grab a program card ($10) so you can adjust the esc the way you want it.

Fanatic01 said
Or does the amp draw from the esc also contribute to the motor heat?
The motor is what is drawing the amps/power from your battery, not the esc, consider the esc more as a middle man/gateway between the motor and battery to convert the batteries energy in to usable power that you can control.

Motor heat is common with the VXL 3500kv motor in a Slash 4x4 simply because it is not big enough for the slash 4x4 and only a 2 pole design, a bigger 4 pole motor around the same kv will run cooler.
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Snomme21 - 1.29.14, 6:33 am Post #10: | Reply With Quote
wpsc8 and castle 2400kv is a great setup as well, a little heavier but one hell of a motor and you can usually get them on ebay from "take offs" for about 70 bucks (may be blue and say traxxas" but who cares!...that motor isnt really 2s though...3-5s really....3-4s all day... have one in a slash 4x4 and one in a rustler
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