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CalebJettBro - 12.06.16, 8:12 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hi. Have a Traxxas Slash 4x4 with a castle creations sidewinder 8th and 2200kv motor combo. I am trying to gear it right so I can have high speed and acceleration, and get good run times with 3 and 4s. And I also am going to get a lcg chassis soon. What length shocks should I get for an average slash ride height? And also what gearing should I use for this motor esc combo??
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guys2nv - 12.06.16, 3:22 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
54 or 52T spur and a pinion in the high teens or low 20's will be plenty fast, 3s will require different gearing then 4s for proper temps, there is no magic combo that will work with both. For the 2200kv motor I wouldn't run it on anything but 4s, the 2650kv motor would be suited better for 3s.

As for run time, there's a lot of variables involved but always going for the highest mah (capacity) packs you can afford/find is the way to go. I personally like to stick to 5000mah 40c minimum. Think of pack capacity as a fuel tank in a car, the more fuel you can put in the farther you will go.
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vintage - 12.06.16, 6:57 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
I've run the 2200 on 2s through 6s in my eb48.3 without issue (though I have to run the lowest gearing possible and watch temps on 6s), though it's not exciting on 2s because I haven't geared it for that. I recommend deciding what top speed you want (i wouldn't aim above 50mph on 4s until you see what temps you get at that speed), and using an RC speed calculator to decide what gearing to run for that speed on 4s. If your batteries are strong enough, gearing up will cause temp problems before hurting acceleration, so you shouldn't need to worry about acceleration. Then you can switch to 3s when you want a more mild experience.
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