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vintage - 3.20.17, 6:49 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
Third for the tacon, I have the brushless valor and it's tougher than any 1/10th scale platform I've ever seen (unless you count the Tekno mt410 as 10th scale, but that costs 4+times as much once you add electronics). I've seriously abused mine and never managed to stop it. If I tried half the stuff I do with it with my stampede 4x4, rustler, or ax10 deadbolt, there'd be pieces all over the place.
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Thumper01 - 3.20.17, 8:19 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
My vote is 2wd Slash or 2wd Torment. Durable, easy to find parts for, easy to work on, cheap to own, easy to drive. In brushed stock form, they are darn near indestructible. Oh, and they are a blast to drive, ( IMO of course!)
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1fox2go - 3.20.17, 8:27 pm Post #13: | Reply With Quote
Backyard RC said
Everybody in this forum knows what I'm going to say on this subject but I'm still going to say it anyways.

I like the Tacon/LC Racing vehicles for what you're describing. It's the obvious choice for a small backyard track and they can be made to handle the rougher terrain also.
Man...great views in that video. Colorado looks awesome!
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Eric1977 - 3.22.17, 1:16 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
I would vote stampede 4x4 brushed. It will do well on the jumps, grass, rocks, and brushed is manageable with minimal breakage. When they are ready you could drop in a cheap brushless system and bearings where there are bushings.
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Backyard RC - 3.22.17, 7:00 pm Post #15: | Reply With Quote
1fox2go said
Man...great views in that video. Colorado looks awesome!
The song "America the beautiful" was created on top of Pikes Peak which is the snow capped mountain in the background. A few people think it's pretty nice around here.
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rmanTX - 3.27.17, 5:42 am Post #16: | Reply With Quote
check out some my threads. I loathe ECX... also based on forums and the bigsquidrc reviews


Both of my 4x4 trucks (torment and ruckus, which are identical), have held up fine on 2s 4300kv and 3s 3700kv. both ran about 37-43mph and breakages were from cold weather crashes into mailboxes, trees, etc.

3s seems to kill from CVDs, and now my 2650kv 3s truck has killed 2 sets of Hot Racing CVDs within 1-2 pack.

around 4000kv on 2s and a 9t or 11t pinion should be plenty fun and decently reliable. Find a 10% coupon for Horizon Hobby and it comes out to $216 shipped, order a handful of spares (spurs, a lot of body posts, ring and pinion, etc) and have at it!
ECX aluminum shocks and new oil and she should be good for awhile.

The problems really escalate once you try to. chase big power.

If I could do it again I would have started with another platform, only because I am a tinkering, modifying, power-hungry fool.
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2WheelFlyer - 3.27.17, 10:28 am Post #17: | Reply With Quote
I second what Perry says. Can't beat the Torment 2wd for value and abuse resistance. I had a fleet of 5 rentals that were driven by kids 4 -12 yrs. old and I could not believe how tough they were. I would only put aluminum knuckles just in case but it is as abuse resistant as it gets out of the box.

I don't know why people insist and are hell bent on local "parts support". They want to just walk to the corner bookstore or ice cream place and find parts there? What is the issue about ordering online? In most Continental US places you will get the parts delivered to your mailbox in 3 days tops, and will be less hassle and risk than driving 30 mins -1 hr. back and forth to deal with pushy LHS employees and be stabbed 20% -30% overcharge. That is why you want a truck that does not break in the first place, dealers don't want to carry much ECX because it does not break and they don't make money on parts/labor. Also if you read a bit and see what logical pieces to have in your parts box, you order them ahead of time (and save on shipping by ordering together) and you have 0 downtime because you already have the pieces handy, no need to rush to an LHS either. You use the part, you replenish your extras or go to a stronger aftermarket parts, ECX has more aftermarket parts available now than a couple years ago. Also remember that a lot of parts like bearings, shocks, servos, tires, etc. are universal, so you can upgrade to different brands.

2wd SCTs are easy to work on and will be a great learning curve for the kids. Also a 2wd will teach them better how to drive the truck since they require more finesse and technique; if they later want to drive 4wd those will be piece of cake, just point and shoot.
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Thumper01 - 3.27.17, 11:24 am Post #18: | Reply With Quote
Well said 2Wheel! The 2wd ECX vehicles are phenomenal in the bang for your buck and durability depts, IMO.
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slick2500 - 3.27.17, 12:29 pm Post #19: | Reply With Quote
Well most of the parts cost the same price or less than they do online, plus I don't have to wait 3-7 days for the parts to arrive.
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KristofferR - 3.27.17, 1:11 pm Post #20: | Reply With Quote
LHS or Online is always hard. For me it requires a 20-25 minute drive one way. The toll road and parking fees add up to more than the shipping cost. Then comes gas money. On the other hand I really enjoy going there to chat, look at stuff and get advice. I want to support them.

I have had a few of the cars you mention in the original post. I started with the Teton and really like it, but the kids quickly grew out of it. Also, upgrading it is expensive. The Traxxas 1/16 line has a bad rep but they served and serve me well. The brushed 1/16 Slash was excellent for my younger kid, the half speed mode is perfect.

We like to drive "true offroad" like off the trails and there the 4x4 is needed and the bigger the better. A brushed Stampede will be quite versatile. In general, the brushed cars stop by themselves which is useful sometimes as the kids are not too good at braking...

I have read good things about Tacon before. Had I known at the time they are LC racing in EU and spares are available I might have bought a few on my last US trip.
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