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t-scene - 1.29.17, 8:29 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Just installed a Castle 1410 3800Kv motor with a Mamba Max pro.

I was wanting to know some gearing options.
I first tried it stock gearing 16/90 and I was very disappointed in the speed.
I recently put in a 19 tooth pinion (19/90) and it is much better.
Is this the highest gearing I can go? ( I know it's what castles recommends)

I would like to know what you guys run for bashing. (safe gearing)
I would also like to do speed runs what would be a good gearing setup for that. (possibly on 3s)

All my batteries at the moment are 2s lipos at 50c or higher.
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nsticka - 2.09.17, 8:58 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
my son bashes his 2wd slash on 76spur 18pinion. same motor
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TRX-Slash 4x4 8s capable speeder
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TRX ERBE- 6s and 28/50 gearing; still in progress.
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vintage - 2.09.17, 9:32 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
I recommend getting a temp gun, you can keep gearing up as long as the motor is below 160F at the end of a run (castle actually says 180F so you might be able to go that high). I've never had temp problems with the MMP with either the 1410 or 1415, so I don't think the ESC will hold you back.
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kevinatfms - 2.09.17, 4:26 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
23/86 should be a good place to start. I run my 4600kv Castle 4 pole on this ratio and its perfect.
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