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1fox2go's Avatar
"Experienced user"
1fox2go - 4.25.17, 6:35 pm Post #21: | Reply With Quote
riderinblack said
axles....... she'll eat axles lol. Upgrade your axles OP
Yea fix that when they twist or break though!
My Dad tells me:"Boy you could break an anvil with a feather"
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patchit - 5.02.17, 9:02 pm Post #22: | Reply With Quote
I've done too much to my slash!
-midmotor chassis
-hpi rebranded sv3 and 4000kv
-protrac front arms
-strc aluminum towers
-strc hardened pins
-hitec 5645mg servo
-sr4220 rx
-4x4 bellcrank mod
-robinson racing idler
-oil filled diff w/ 500k
-rpm front casters and hubs
-rpm hybrid gearbox
-integy motor fan
-aluminum servo horn
-slash 4x4 rear arms
-shortened gtr shocks
-pl holeshots in the rear
-Jconcepts subculters up front

Now I gotta figure out how to add pics
"Regular user"
RCDad73 - 5.12.17, 5:33 am Post #23: | Reply With Quote
St. George said
I recommend aluminum shock caps. The stock plastic ones will pop off and cause a big oily mess. Preempt this headache and just get them now.
I second that times 10000000!
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