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keener22 - 4.08.17, 8:16 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote

I'm a relatively new Stampede owner (It's actually my 8 year old sons) but with 2 older brothers + myself, we're in the market to buy more. We've just started racing a friend and his son that has a Slash and Rustler and the 3 really go at it on a track we built in the woods behind my house.

I'm selling my onroad cars that I bought for my kids and converting to slash ownership. We're about to buy 2 Slash 2wds as all my kids enjoyed driving our friends Slash.

In a couple of months, depending on level on interest by the kids, I'm getting a 3rd offroad RC car and potentially getting a Traxxas Rally as my local hobby shop owner told me he expects the new Rally out in May.

So, I think one slash will be mostly held stock save a new body customizing the paint for my kid... but a 2nd slash will most likely be modded as the offroad track we race seems to like the 2.8 tires for the Stampede and I'll learn from modding one and leaving the other stock for a while.

I'm actually looking forward to the comparison on track of the Stampede, Slash, Rustler and Rally to see how those 4 compare. With those 4 makes, we have a diverse field all of which have their advantages and disadvantages relative to the other trucks.

We plan on making tracks with a bit bigger jumps and longer straights to allow the faster trucks to stretch their legs as well eventually but for now, the track is pretty tight with an awesome hill climb and corkscrew like Laguna that feeds down into a jump.

Just from what I've observed:

The Slash is the most stable and easy to drive consistent. It handles our jumps fine and is lower center of gravity to corner a bit quicker relative to our Stampede.

The Rustler is probably potentially the best racer of the bunch, able to handle even tougher jumps, with more horses under the hood than the Slash, it feels like the one with the highest performance potential. I noticed that our track which consists of hard packed dirt and some loose sandy areas that the tires of the Rustler don't handle the track as well as the Stampedes monster truck type tires. This leads me to think I'll definitely change the tires on one of our Slashes to test.

Our Stampede is the bashing champion, with plenty of power, my boys have enjoyed the bashing... but in the race, I don't find too much of an disadvantage vs my kids and 1 other adult in racing against the Slash and Rustler although I know that I'm having to be way more careful cornering. It handles challenging terrain the best with roots and off track incidents. In short, it has enough going for it to keep it competitive.

The Rally according to all that I can read and watch on Youtube.com should be a more extreme version of the Slash, lower center of gravity, a bit less ground clearance giving it more trouble on roots and challenging terrain on our track. If we can keep it in the groove, I suspect it'll be the fastest but the one with the highest potential disaster (not handling jumps and terrain quite as well as the others). Performance is all relative since all 4 of these can handle terrain, jumps, dirt, mud, hills etc so well.... it becomes: how does the truck handle it relative to it's competitor.

In the end, the best RC driver usually wins regardless of car but as each kid gets more comfortable with the track, I'll begin having a tougher time winning.

Does anyone know when that Rally is to be released? Will it be a 2wd version?

Does anyone know if the Rally setup is essentially the same as the LCG Slash body? I read a great comparison article once about the differences but don't think it was comparing the LCG Slash.


I dont have the ability to build from scratch but I'm interested in tweaking where I can over time/as things break. SO, the LCG Slash body isn't a great option for me as I don't want to build.

Anyway, great site, hopefully i'll be around for a while.
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MasteroFlego - 4.30.17, 3:38 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
I don't know when the new Fiesta Rally will be released. The Rally is essentially an LCG slash 4x4, meaning it is 4WD, and as such will handle significantly better than any 2WD.
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keener22 - 5.01.17, 8:27 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
Thanks. I now have a Slash and thinking of adding a 2nd slash for the boys and myself to bash with. Tons of fun and frankly the Slash is a great platform to bash/race/build on.
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keener22 - 5.25.17, 8:37 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Okay we've settled on a couple of the 2wd Slashes, one with Stampede tires and a body lift kit. We also have the Stampede. So we're cooking with gas! These things are a ton of fun and that Slash with the monster tires looks amazing. Will try to get some pics up soon.
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