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guys2nv - 5.01.17, 2:39 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
Traxxas pinions just aren't good in my opinion.

I only use RRP and I've also had good luck with RC-Monster pinions.


The RRP pinions you want in 32p or .8 mod begin with an 87XX part # or an 86XX, the absolute pinions are also good and begin with 17XX part #'s.


32p and .8 mod are interchangeable.

If you have a 1/8" (aka 3.2mm) motor shaft RRP sells a reducer sleeve, RRP #1200:

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MervMower - 5.02.17, 2:34 am Post #12: | Reply With Quote
In my theory, always run the smaller gear one grade harder and here is why. In my truck for example I run a 55t spur and 14t pinion, divide that and the smaller pinion works four times harder than the spur. So you naturally would want the smaller stronger to maximize life. Simple hardness scale from plastic > hard plastic > soft aluminium > hard aluminium > soft steel > hardened steel. If gear are near equal in size and teeth then match equal hardness. Anytime you jump more than one level of hardness you risk eating the other up.
I believe HR temper treats their steel, that is some hard stuff that will eat most other softer steels like butter, so naturally you would want to match them all up the same.
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Noel2 - 5.03.17, 1:02 pm Post #13: | Reply With Quote
I use hot racing hardened steel gears in my minis and they hold up just fine. Like MervMower said, try to not mix hardness. So don't use an aluminum pinion against a hardened steel spur.
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