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ricksonchow's Avatar
"Experienced user"
ricksonchow - 8.05.12, 6:06 am Post #41: | Reply With Quote
Nice video! Hope my drive shaft can stay long will a looser slip clutch
Bois Franc RC's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Bois Franc RC - 9.29.12, 12:38 pm Post #42: | Reply With Quote
How pull off the drive shaft?
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Dirka8's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Dirka8 - 10.29.12, 7:27 pm Post #43: | Reply With Quote
A cheap and simple mod to cut down on maintenance:

13mm (half inch in AmericaLand) heat shrink
Super glue just a little bit on the yoke end of the splined half shaft, heat to shrink tight.
Slide other half shaft in and GENTLY heat to shrink to suit.

Obviously we dont want a tight fit, so keep checking they slide freely as you heat to shape.
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"New user"
hobby-smart - 11.12.12, 1:49 am Post #44: | Reply With Quote
AidanHawk's Avatar
"Experienced user"
AidanHawk - 11.18.12, 7:27 pm Post #45: | Reply With Quote
ive used liquid wrench dry lubricant on the shafts, i think its alot like the mooslick, it does on wet and you can work the shafts until it dries and the shafts move smoothly
andyprentice197's Avatar
"Experienced user"
andyprentice197 - 11.21.12, 5:14 am Post #46: | Reply With Quote
great info...keep up the good work!
"Experienced user"
dyaugo - 12.02.12, 4:36 pm Post #47: | Reply With Quote
This is a great video. Anytime I tear down my SLASH I always clean the axles as describe in the video. I then use COW RC Silicone strap and put a nice coating on then. It makes them really smooth. Thanks for posting JANG as always some good advice.
LOSIFAN101's Avatar
"That doesn't look right, hmm"
LOSIFAN101 - 12.02.12, 5:02 pm Post #48: | Reply With Quote
To add to what Dirka8 did I see no reason why you can't use cheap qym bags, cut them into long strips and use super glue to attach them to the shaft like a shock boot.
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"Experienced user"
1bottom - 1.07.13, 7:20 am Post #49: | Reply With Quote
Thanks for the advice - I'll will definitely fix up the axles next time I strip down my Slash.
"Experienced user"
A05049 - 1.07.13, 3:49 pm Post #50: | Reply With Quote
Great Info I had exactly the same issue
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