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"Teh Mse"
MooseSlash - 5.14.14, 9:31 am Post #71: | Reply With Quote
BACK to the original topic: This really works for any vehicle with slider shafts. I was able to get from 10wt shock oil back to 27.5wt, in my Trusty Race Rusty.
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cucac - 7.13.14, 7:21 am Post #72: | Reply With Quote
I see the dilemma in this video. The more tolerance you create by scraping out the plastic shaft the easier it is for dirt/grit to get inside your half shaft. And you back to square one. More maintenance. Soft rubber boot mod to cover the openings may be a good idea too after this maintenance
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Mxer59 - 10.13.14, 8:32 pm Post #73: | Reply With Quote
Wow some good info
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b18a1crx - 11.07.14, 1:33 pm Post #74: | Reply With Quote
can u buy just the boots separately. if so does anybody know the part # thanks
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"Experienced user"
Joel - 11.14.14, 2:17 am Post #75: | Reply With Quote
How often on average do you all do this?
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"Suka Blyat"
alexulan - 4.10.15, 2:26 pm Post #76: | Reply With Quote
someone i believe asked how you clean the inside of the shaft.

Nipple Brush. about $3 on ebay. is the perfect size to clean the inside of the shaft with some soapy water and blow it out with air.


As for how often when they get really gunked up and will not slide in and out with suspension travel, it's time for a cleaning.
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mikejoyce34 - 11.25.15, 8:54 am Post #77: | Reply With Quote
ive read somewhere that there is a rubber dust boot conversion for these axels? if not i am going to work on one and post an update
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