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Fiero_Man_121 - 8.29.15, 8:11 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
This is going to be my hat toss into the "URC's Fastest" competition. i have wanted a nitro pede... wait? nitro?



...what was i saying?

oh yeah, ive wanted a nitro stampede for a long time, they are great play cars, very simple, lots of wheelies and tons of on-power push. i bought this pile off a local a few months back along with a nitro rs4, the idea being that i would get them both running for their own reasons. decided to sell them one day but after selling the rs4 for 40 bucks and a small trade i got to looking at the pede and decided instead to keep it and make it a basher. here is where we pick up, i was at my lhs (rcboca hobbies) a week ago and saw a parma 57' chevy body, its a 3 piece mold with the front and rear clips molded in one section and the center in another. at the time i thought it was a 9 inch wide deal that the shop had ordered by mistake and i snapped it up, figured it would make a sweet race body for the oval. here come to find out it was a 200mm body. now what do i do with it? well as it just so happens part of the deal on the rs4 was i got a nice, rebuilt associated .15. great engine bitd, not a huge amount of power (being an rtr mill) but reliable as sin.

the car as i received it was rusty, gunked up to heck, and the engine was shot. instead of cleaning it up factory fresh and replacing all the screws with new hex hardware ive decided to run with that theme, im gonna leave all the rust, nasty, gooped up stuff. let everyone think it looks like roadkill. im actually thinking about sourcing a bunch of rusty 12.9 steel hex hardware and letting it all rust to heck. if i do that ill wind up stripping the anodizing off the chassis plate too.

for now my plans are to swap in new wheels and tires, shocks, towers, and body mounts. the look im going for his a classic, altered 57' gasser.

for tires im thinking i need big meaty slicks with new stock 5-spoke chrome trx wheels. towers will probably be scrounged up from the endless pit of traxxas parts ive got. i have a set of shocks in mind but im not sure i want to run them or one of two or three other sets ive got kicking around that would work well. id love to find a set of the old deep-blue traxxas "pro" shocks you used to see in old traxxas flyers or maybe push comes to shock traditional big bore shocks. for the body im going to swap over to the oldskool threaded posts to secure everything and im opting out of using the rear section of the body to save weight eliminate some rear drag/lift. im also considering narrowing up the car with shorter arms front and rear. would certainly give it a more scale appearance.

the other thing im undecided about is a pipe and header, i kinda want a rear projecting set like the MIP stinger but i also like the idea of a forward "racing style" pipe to look not unlike a true set of side pipes on a 1:1 classic gasser

lastly for now im going to try with the .15 but i thing id like to find a nice used .12 on road race engine with high rpms and a more appropriate power band or alternately a big block 8th scale rtr engine that is sloppy and loud.

seeing as nobody has entered a nitro yet in the competition my goal is 50mph once i get the car built and we'll see from there. even if i dont get anywhere atleast ill have fun building it and maybe earn an honorable mention on the list

anyway here are some lousy pictures...

so far the only progress ive made is to clean the stock tank and test for leaks and back flow. its pretty good as far as i can tell.

oh and here are some good examples for those of you who dont know what look im going after.

anyhow ill see yall on the forums, stay posted for more updates in the coming weeks
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TRX Stampede - 8.29.15, 12:20 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
well thats different! but i like it! cant wait to see how it turns out! i didnt know the parma body was sectioned like that..... gives me some bad ideas! to narrow it bandit arms should fit on the front, not sure about the rear though.
i know it may be hard but try to think outside the box! 😊
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tamiyaman98 - 8.29.15, 12:55 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
cool idea! Can't wait to see it finished
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guys2nv - 8.29.15, 1:24 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
So much win Fiero!

If you like the 55-57 Gasser look, take a peak at Motor Trends Roadkill show, one of the host's Mike Finnegan built a hemi powered, 6 speed manual 55 Gasser. Just one of the videos below on it (I'll just link it, won't embed it).

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spenniepoos - 8.29.15, 1:58 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Dude this build looks like its going to be a sick ride and so up my street😈subbed....✌
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Fiero_Man_121 - 8.29.15, 2:36 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
guys2nv said
So much win Fiero!

If you like the 55-57 Gasser look, take a peak at Motor Trends Roadkill show, one of the host's Mike Finnegan built a hemi powered, 6 speed manual 55 Gasser. Just one of the videos below on it (I'll just link it, won't embed it).


i love roadkill, ive been hooked since ep 12, by far the best car show around!

To answer the question about arms, my thinking was traxxas sledgehammer front arms and bandit rears, its a combo ive used before and i know itll bolt up. Just gotta chop the driveshafts down, i sure as heck aint buying bandit shaft anyhow. Only thing im not sure on is rim fitment, i may go to trx-1 rims if it turns out the stockers wont.
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Fiero_Man_121 - 9.02.15, 6:09 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
sat down for an hour last night and started tinkering, i hate to say it but im going to wind up dropping some $$$ on this chassis and i gotta clean it up.

for one thing, the breaks dont work, i was fiddiling with the linkages and the tranny in my hand and i couldnt get the pads to engage the disk hard enough to stop it from spinning. if this car is doing any kind of real speed i want to be able to stop it in a hurry.

the other issue i found very quickly was the trans itself was pretty stiff so thatll get a rebuilt with stainless bearings and some tlc.

one of the big downers about these cars out of the box was the bushings. i however had forgotten about this tiny fact until, surprise, i pulled the hub carriers and front wheels off and found them to both be rocking oilite brass bushings. i dont believe there are bushings in the trans but when i pull it down ill know for sure. on the electric cars they used bushings only on the exterior 4 corners of the chassis with metal faced stainless steel bearings in the trans.

both the front spindles are worn down from the bushings, there isnt much sign of heavy use anywhere else on the car, just a lack of care so this was surprising to find.

chassis sticker is still almost mint!

rear hubs and driveshafts are virtually wear free save for some premature wear from nitro gunk. unless i upgrade to beffier axles im going to recycle the outdrives and axles halfs. going to steel output yolks of course.

not much else in the way of progress, depending on how my day goes tody i may strip the car down and start soaking the parts in cleanser.

anyone ever try formula 88 on rc parts?
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jigdog767 - 9.02.15, 8:12 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Subbed! Looks like this will be a cool build!
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Fiero_Man_121 - 9.02.15, 8:29 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
Into the trash the parts go!!! (Using a plastic trash can as a basin to soak the parts in)

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Fiero_Man_121 - 9.08.15, 6:50 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
well i only dragged my keaster for a week this time! parts are clean and the tinkering has begun.

got the engine mount cleaned up completely and mocked up together. im fairly certain im going to have to shim the motor up and back a little but we'll cross that bridge when we get there right

i posted previously that the brakes on this thing blow, i started really looking, the disk is just a dinky plastic disc! rummaged through my nitro scraps and found a stock fiberglass disc from an rc10gt. if i cut either the brake adapter or the disc itll be flawless. however id like to find some decent steel rod and bend my own brake pulley thing that actuates the inner floating brake pad. if i were a smarter man i would try to rig up a nitro diff mounted brake with a steel disc and composite/steel pads. but for now maybe this'll help yall get where im going.

after i took pics i went out and bought some easy-off foaming oven cleaner and stripped the anno off the chassis plates. i then mocked up the car and sourced out from my bin, all the metric hardware ill need. took it all back apart and stripped the black oxide coating off of them with CLR. after that i rinsed them and tossed them in a mix of a (50/50) chlorine and water and let it sit. ill snap pictures of both in the morning but i promise ya'll they do indeed look like total crap
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