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orzan24 - 1.25.17, 3:48 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
When I say "old" I don't mean vintage.

I took around a 6 month break from RC, and haven't bought an new Traxxas RC in at least 2 years. I'm looking to get some new ones soon, but something came to my attention.
Why are these cars that have been around for years more expensive then they were a few years ago?
Now the answer to that is obvious. Traxxas has "silently" upgraded parts of their vehicles, such as adding TSM to most of them. This is annoying though because I don't necessary need TSM, and now that means that I could've bough a MERV VXL 3 years ago (As I did) for $300. But NOW, I must pay at least $350 for any one I find. And most that I see are more in the $370-$400 for some reason. (Pretty nice for Traxxas as they can now charge more for their aging vehicles) I can't seem to find any of the slightly older versions either, like Traxxas has just pushed out all their newer models so almost no place is selling brand new, non-TSM cars.
Does anyone know where I can find just slightly older, non-TSM, brand new, Traxxas Cars for sale? If anyone knows link me to it, I'd appreciate it.
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slick2500 - 1.25.17, 4:03 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Last I checked there were a few on ebay.
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Debonair - 1.26.17, 12:32 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
New old stock RC is usually clearanced out rather then held on to and sold later for any small profit or to break even. Too much risk of its sell value falling below cost. You will probably have better luck finding a lightly used one from the time frame you prefer. If you do find a place please do share. Happy hunting!
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Dirty sasquatch - 1.27.17, 10:56 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
I bought my slash 2 years ago and it doesn't have tsm . I think you can order a older non tsm slash on Amazon . I've even seen x-01 rollers for 300 on Amazon .
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guys2nv - 1.27.17, 12:07 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Depends on what Traxxas model(s) you're looking for, some still come non TSM.

Tower has plenty of non TSM XL-5 brushed stuff for sale but it looks like most if not all the VXL or brushless vehicles are TSM only while vehicles like the brushed E-Maxx are not TSM while the brushed E-Revo is TSM.
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JesterTheJoker - 1.29.17, 3:27 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Ebay has them from time to time, honestly id rather buy a roller of whatever i want and build it how i like. What happens when i buy an RTR is my slash 2wd. It started out as a stampede. and now nothing is stock but the gearbox internals, bellcranks (simply because they havent broken yet, yet), and shock towers.
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