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1fox2go's Avatar
"Experienced user"
1fox2go - 4.20.17, 8:04 pm Post #71: | Reply With Quote
Blue and Yellow
Neon Pink and neon green
Neon Blue, neon green
Red and Yellow?
Pink and Blue
Pink and Teal
Orange and ?
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Billy Kelly - 4.20.17, 8:13 pm Post #72: | Reply With Quote
I'll be at hobby store this weekend. I'll look at colors again. Few years ago a bought a bunch of stencil. Should find them. See if something could work
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Rodarbal - 4.21.17, 5:48 am Post #73: | Reply With Quote
Whatever you do, don't take my livery. LOL. My son's is the same, but instead of orange/black/blue his is green/black/purple. My F104 from a few years ago:

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Billy Kelly - 4.21.17, 6:34 am Post #74: | Reply With Quote
My painting skills not that good. I'm more of the accidentally good

Edit. Motor/esc ordered. Went with the Reedy system.
(Last edited by Billy Kelly : 4.21.17 at 9:50 am)
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Billy Kelly - 4.26.17, 5:25 am Post #75: | Reply With Quote

So May 6th is open practice. May 20th first scheduled race. Quicker then most of us expected. Have to see after practice day if I think I can drive it well enuff to run it in first race. Or better off waiting.
Here's motor/esc. 21.5 is legal. A few have chosen to run 25.5. I'll start with 25.5.

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