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"Experienced user"
ChazOutlaw - 2.08.16, 4:08 am Post #3331: | Reply With Quote
stevenator128 said
I used Play-Doh in my truggy's diff.
better than eating it I guess.
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Dragonfish - 2.11.16, 1:44 pm Post #3332: | Reply With Quote
Anyone convert a 4X4 Circuit to a 1/8 Buggy? I'm considering trying it for fun.
ECX Circuit 4WD
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0S1R1S - 2.12.16, 10:30 am Post #3333: | Reply With Quote
Dragonfish said
Anyone convert a 4X4 Circuit to a 1/8 Buggy? I'm considering trying it for fun.
You might be better off doing it with a Torment. The Circuit has a shorter wheelbase, it might be too short if you put 1/8 buggy parts on.

Why not just pick up a Revenge?
"Experienced user"
MonkeyFist - 2.20.16, 3:43 pm Post #3334: | Reply With Quote
Today all I did was clean and refill the shocks. Once the stockers need more maintenance I'll probably swap them out.
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RCdad - 2.20.16, 11:54 pm Post #3335: | Reply With Quote
Ran the ruckus in the backyard for 20 minutes or so. My boy, 4 year old, ran his stunt rc the entire time, we had a blast. I'm now thinking he is ready for his own real rc, probably a torment to start him off.
Rc18t, hobbywing 25a, 7800 kv
Sc8.2e, stockish
Ruckus 2wd, hobbywing wpsc8, quicrun 3656 3800kv, traxxas big bores, solar d771, mip x duty axles
Hubsan X4
"Experienced user"
crazymike - 2.22.16, 8:34 am Post #3336: | Reply With Quote
Took the Ruckus to the local school car park on Sunday, with my 4 year old daughter. Bought her a used 2wd Slash last year, and with it in training mode, and running a 7.2v nimh, it was just the right speed for her. The tx is too big for her small hands really, but she manages, gets better each time she drives it, and seems to enjoy it too. My son's not really interested, so I'm relying on her to properly get the bug... Don't fancy another 20 years running my trucks by myself...!!!

Used 3S in the Ruckus for the first time too, with the stock Dynamite BL setup. Jeez, it was pretty much undriveable with the cheapo chinese MT wheels/tyres I got from ebay on cold damp tarmac.

Think I'll stick to 2S or 8.4v nimh in the future.
"Experienced user"
0S1R1S - 2.24.16, 11:46 am Post #3337: | Reply With Quote
Well, I've finally got the 4S system in my Ruckus. The ESC is capable of 6S, but I don't think the motor or ring gears are. Need to cut some slits and sew up some Velcro straps for a 4S pack to fit so for now I'll be running it on 3S.
Getting both my Revenge buggies up and running tip top as well. Ripper 2000KV in one, and a Chinese 2650KV in the other, both stock ESCs to run 4S. Had some fun Saturday running through puddles and even underwater a few times.

Does anyone know of a replacement fan, or the exact sizing, for the 130A Fuze ESC?
"Experienced user"
MikeD - 2.27.16, 10:38 am Post #3338: | Reply With Quote
Brought the Circuit back from a 2 month(?) hibernation due to bad ebay ESC & made a bumper extender out of 1/8" kydex.

I recently bought a used Team C T8T+e, and got a butt-ton of spare/extra prts with it. Some of which were 3.5mm Bullets, (2) extra 'Orange' receivers to go with the DX3R, a HW Xerun 80A esc in perfect working order...

So I created a new profile and bound the receiver, re-installed an old 3600kv Hobbypower motor I had lying about and installed/set/adjusted the HW.

The T8T also came with (2) bodies....the original Nitro with multiple holes for the Head/exhaust/fuel filler & Monster Energy paint scheme and a T8TE body. So for fun I threw on the body and the front holes lined up perfectly!! BTW the front mounts are all the way up( and I have an AMP rear mount, i'll be extending it upward again but with aluminum pins to meet the T8T body) Overall it looks pretty good. I trimmed about 1/4" off the bottom front & sides. The rear wheelwell sat a bit too far back contacting the rear shocks. I trimmes that about 1/2" and curved it into the well. I trimmed the protruding part of the body flush to where the 'bed' ends. I'll trim a bit more after I turn the last 1-2" of the bed into a spolier.

The body is 1/8-scale-truggy-thick so I have no qualms about beating the snot out of it. I already ran a pack today in the parking lot, flew under some cars, jumped, cartwheeled & barrel-rolled multiple times, no damage. I'll snap some pics in a few....

Here they are:

It does look a bit thick in the middle, but after mounting is complete i'm gonna hit it with a heat gun to skinny it up a bit.
(Last edited by MikeD : 2.27.16 at 11:25 am)
"Experienced user"
MikeD - 2.27.16, 11:24 am Post #3339: | Reply With Quote

It's a basher body doesn't have to be pretty. Just has to survive.

And next to the original:

In the process of refinishing that one.
(Last edited by MikeD : 2.27.16 at 11:26 am)
nino's Avatar
nino - 2.28.16, 11:09 pm Post #3340: | Reply With Quote
Took the putty out of the diff. One may think the HD driveshafts are fine until one tries to lock the diffs
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