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Nate.jager1993 - 7.05.16, 6:38 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
JuanDLAT78 said
I ordered a Hitec HS-5625MG and Slash 4x4 bellcranks. We'll see how it goes.
I have this in my sla2h MT and in my opinion it's underpowered, at least with 2.8's.
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JuanDLAT78 - 7.06.16, 10:55 am Post #12: | Reply With Quote
I'm just running short course tires. I thought the 2075 was doing a good job. This is a little stronger and faster so that's why I went with it. That and I needed a digital servo since I have AVC in it.
My E-Maxx takes care of my MT needs.
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Nate.jager1993 - 7.06.16, 11:07 am Post #13: | Reply With Quote
That AVC looks like a sweet deal!
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Gramps50 - 7.06.16, 5:43 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
I have AVC in my 2wd Slash and have never been able to get a setup that I like. Can't find the happy medium where it works and I still have control of the truck. The biggest issue is having enough steering. Even when it's inactive it is still controlling the truck some. Pick it up and wiggle the truck and the wheels will turn. Currently I have mine in the blink mode. It honestly drives better in my opinion.
-- Gramps
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JuanDLAT78 - 7.06.16, 8:35 pm Post #15: | Reply With Quote
I've had the AVC for about a year and a half. When I purchased it I was looking for an upgrade from Traxxas AM radio I had from my T-Maxx. I already had other Spektrum systems from my Vaterra Glamis buggys. So I stuck with the same brand. Found a Spektrum DX4C on a good deal. Came with two AVC receivers for the price of a non AVC DX4C system. I have steering priority set to 100%, that way I have full steering both ways. I also have steering and throttle gain set to one switch to adjust on the fly or shut of completely. I like it. The Glamis Fear is the first vehicle I tried it in. It would fishtail frequently, the AVC helped a lot. Second receiver I installed in this Slash when I started this build. Haven't tried it in a 4x4 yet, since I don't think it needs it as much.
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JuanDLAT78 - 8.01.16, 7:50 am Post #16: | Reply With Quote
The new servo has been great. About six packs run through it so far. I definitely feel an improvement over the stock one. It also might be the 4x4 bellcrank helping too. I didn't try it with the stock set up. I installed both at the same time.

About a week ago I also got the Traxxas LCG and Proline body post. Got that installed. The LCG is best and biggest change in performance upgrade I have done so far. Made the steering even better. Feels more responsive, it sways less. It's just overall better than the HCG.

No pictures. I need to remember to take pictures of when I get done installing or changing something. Just not used to it yet.
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Corrupt - 8.04.16, 11:18 am Post #17: | Reply With Quote
You're moving along well! The LCG is definitely a game changer.

Stay Fit.
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JuanDLAT78 - 10.24.16, 7:54 am Post #18: | Reply With Quote
Got about six packs in this weekend, starting Friday. Here are a few things I have done since my last post.

I run this on street only. I put internal shock limiters to keep it low and give me a wheelbase close to 12.75". (Since most SCT bodies have that wheelbase. From what I have seen.) Same stock springs. I liked how it handled. About a week or two later I got Losi springs. Green for the front, blue for the rear. Handled even better. Not as stiff as the stock springs compressed some. Fast forward to this weekend and many, many packs later.

Before this weekend. I don't think I ever noticed it before, but the front end looked bouncy. Must of been that the surface was not as smooth as where I usually run. A few dips but not flat. Still on asphalt and concrete. I looked at it and everything looked ok. Ran it again and the same.

Found out it's the limited shock travel that made it bounce. When hitting a dip and then extending the shock it hit the end of travel and jump a little. So I took the shocks apart took the limiters out and tried the Losi springs with stock shock travel. Wow, so much better. I could actually see the tire keeping contact with the ground as it moved along and not bouncing. But it did sway more.

Once I was home I changed the front shock oil to 50wt. (only wt i have right now are 30 and 50) Took it out and for a drive in my street and it swayed a lot less. All arms level. Then i took out the shock preload and took it out for a drive again and had even less sway. Then I got the idea of checking my wheelbase and what do you know. 1/16" above 12.75". So I have the wheelbase I wanted with out limiters and i get more suspension travel (upwards at least, so it can catch the bumps). I'm going to run it like this for a while and see how it goes. After four packs I am liking it so far.
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CaptainFo - 12.01.16, 1:14 pm Post #19: | Reply With Quote
That Mustang body is freakin sweet! Do they make them to fit the slash chassis??
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