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CivilBlue - 12.08.16, 4:38 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hi all,

I have searched and searched and found hundreds of threads regarding widening tracks on 2WD Slash...however I cant seem to find anyone with this application ---- I guess there's a reason for that!

So back to the question, I am trying to pull together a Slash MT setup, that will be a pure basher but looks good ;-) Part of this is getting a nice wide stance, I seen most of the options and looks like the Proline Protac kit will give the biggest impact.

However I don't want the wheels etc..so is it as simple as buying the Protac 4x4 arms, Camber links (50mm rear and 60mm front) and 70mm Steering links... or do I need to change shock towers etc....

Hope that makes sense.
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MaX-D - 12.20.16, 4:24 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Just buy the ProTrac a-arms for the 2wd Slash and the longer camber and steering links. I don't think the 4x4 ProTrac arms will work. The stock shock towers will work just fine.
Maximum Destruction
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CivilBlue - 12.20.16, 11:09 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
Hey, thanks for response! I'm having to slow things down I rushed in and bought things in error :-( ! The main mistake was the wheels I bought Duratrax 2.8's Six Pack Mt which would have been fine for the project...mistake was that I bought wheels for the Gas Powered version so the wheels don't have hex's!!!!! Gutted, so have to buy replacements now! Hopefully can shift the others on eBay!
I did strip the truck down to bare chassis, removed all stickers and Rit dyed black which came out great! Building back up slowly and just swapped transmission to a Aluminium Integy one which looks great!
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