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shreddinspurs - 1.09.17, 9:31 pm Post #191: | Reply With Quote
I can't believe the dedication to platform, very nice Fiero-man! Please tell me this beast is still turning laps and killing brushes to this day! What are you using for battery trays? I really like the carbon fiber work by the way! I've done a few custom cars myself, being modest my work pales compared to this (dremel/drillpress/handfiles for the win!)
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Fiero_Man_121 - 1.10.17, 3:34 am Post #192: | Reply With Quote
Dude, you dont even know, i did another major overhaul in late 2015 with new towers i had custom made from speedy's, i put another mcallister charger body on it and swapped in a bunch of new stock plastic parts on to replace the worn out stuff. Because i dont race much now that i moved its been relegated to basher it hasnt seen much action but its still a great rally type basher. Bumps along in the grass as well as it goes on the street.

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